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What is Sleep Apnea?


You happen to be fast asleep but suddenly you wake up, gasping for breath. This is because you stopped breathing, when you were asleep, at least for around 10 seconds. This disorder is known as sleep apnea and it can be because of a variety of reasons.

Sleep apnea happens to be in a milder form, when are not disturbed for more than three or four times a night, during your sleep. But in some drastic cases, it can also be a severe sleep apnea, when you keep waking, at least between 200 to 300 times a nights. In this case, the very moment you fall asleep, you’re breathing stopped. If, your lungs don’t get oxygen 50 times an hour, you are in a serious trouble. It is completely impossible for you to sleep under such circumstances, and that is the reason why sleep apnea needs to be cured as immediately as possible.

Obstructive sleep apnea

The most common kind of sleep apnea is called obstructive sleep apnea. If, the air passage to your nose, throat and mouth, gets blocked suddenly, or is narrowed because of some reason, you are going to suffer from sleep apnea. This normally happens when the tongue muscles in the throat, relax when you are fast asleep, and block the air passages. You can also suffer from sleep apnea, if, you have adenoids or large tonsils. The moment you go off to sleep, by resting flat on your back, these adenoids or large tonsils, press against the back of the airway and block the air passage, by narrowing it. That is the reason why it is necessary to get your tonsils surgically removed, so that you do not suffer from sleep apnea. If, you happen to have a jawbone, which is misaligned, probably something similar like the Hapsburg jaw, which prevents its owners from eating and breathing properly, you are going to suffer from a lack of oxygen.


You might also suffer from sleep apnea, if you drink a lot of alcohol and eat quite heavy meals before dozing off. The people who suffer from sleep apnea also do not exercise much and are overweight. That is the reason why it is necessary for you to lose weight before you find that the symptoms of sleep apnea are far above from the scope of being alleviated and reduced. If, you have a very heavy meal and are in an inebriated condition due to which you are sleeping on your back, you’re not only going to suffer from a hangover of the morrow, but you’re also going to suffer from waking up at regular intervals, gasping for breath.

Due to sleep apnea, and irregular sleep during the night, you find yourself drowsy during the day or often even sleeping at odd hours. This is why there are so many accidents, because the driver falls asleep on the steering wheel while driving as he had not had a good night’s rest. Sleep apnea is also going to make sure that you wake up feeling tired, grumpy, and with a splitting headache, which doesn’t quite go away throughout the day and makes you feel even more grumpier and without energy.

Uninterrupted Sleep

It is necessary for you to have a good night’s sleep, to ensure that you feel fresh in the next morning. If, your sleep gets interrupted very often, you are not going to feel refreshed the next morning. And that is because, you gasp when you are snoring which wakes yourself up. You may also stop breathing for 10 seconds or so and then suddenly wake up, and your rest disturbed sleep consists of tossing and turning throughout the night. This is why sleep apnea has to be treated, as soon as anyone recognizes the very symptoms.

Children, who are suffering from sleep apnea, find it pretty difficult to breathe, when they are asleep and snore loudly, when they are lying upon their backs. But turning them to their sides, make them sleep more comfortably. Children don’t seem to suffer much from sleep deprivation caused due to sleep apnea.

However, a child who does not get a good night’s rest would not grow, as quickly as the other children of his age. He is going to be restless at night, and would find it difficult to go to sleep after he wakes up.

Some of the more current side effects of sleep apnea happened to be –

• chances of heart problems
• High blood pressure
• Depression
• chances of stroke
• Excess fatigue.

Doctors usually look at the behavior of the sleep patterns before the diagnosis of sleep apnea is done. He may recommend you to note down your sleep patterns in a sleep study, which is done during one night’s rest at the sleep center. Here, your sleeping patterns are noted carefully and the numbers of times you wake up, as well as the amount of oxygen, which is flowing to your lungs are also noted down. Some doctors may ask you to undergo x-rays and tests to see if, there are any obstructions in any passage as, well as any problems, which might be causing sleep apnea.

The Secret To The Perfect Night’s Sleep


Research suggests that most of us don’t sleep well. Whether it’s tossing and turning, back or neck pain, we rarely seem to be getting that kind of deep sleep we need to feel refreshed in the morning.

In order to get the best sleep possible, our body needs to be able to regenerate from the stresses it experiences during the day. To do that, the muscles need to be able to relax and the spine needs to be able to remain in its natural, curved position. This is harder than it sounds, because we don’t sleep in a zero gravity environment where we could float weightlessly. Instead, we are subjected to gravity, which means your body weight pushes against the mattress.

If a mattress is too hard your body won’t be able to sink into it far enough and most of your weight is transferred to the mattress through your shoulder and hip areas, creating pressure points (see the top of the illustration on the right). On top of that, your spine is forced into an awkward position and your back muscles are either stretched or get compressed, likely to cause back pain.

The same problems occurs when the mattress is too soft (middle of illustration on the right). Here, your hips will have to take most of the weight, and the spine and back muscles are pulled out of shape.

Ideally, the mattress is neither too soft nor too hard and will mold around your body, allowing your hips and shoulder to sink into the mattress just far enough so that your spine is naturally aligned and your muscles in a fully relaxed position. As a result, your weight is distributed evenly, your spine is aligned as it should, allowing your muscles to relax, and there are no pressure points.

The best mattress

Selecting a mattress that provides just the right amount of support can be tricky, particularly if you and your partner’s weight is significantly different. This has been a well known problem for traditional spring based mattresses, where you may get the right support, but the mattress is either too soft or too hard for your partner.

Waterbeds provide good support, but they are heavy, need to be heated, can leak and cause motion disturbance issues if you or your partner move in your sleep.

Enter the memory foam mattress.
Memory foam has a unique ability to mold to your body shape. Body heat causes the foam to soften and compresses under your weight, yet it will revert back to its original shape after you get up.
Memory foam mattresses have been used for decades in hospitals for these weight distribution and support properties, to prevent patients from getting pressure sores.
A good memory foam mattress, such as the ones from Sleep Innovation, will cater to different weight and body shapes and provide that even weight distribution we’re after.

Does Alcohol Leads To Insomnia Conditions


Insomnia has emerged as one of the most dreadful yet colloquial forms of ailment, affecting a very large population on the global level. Inadequate sleep, the very basic of insomnia makes it very difficult to sleep and decreases the energy content of the body. There can be several causes of insomnia.

Some of the reasons are the potential side effects of different drugs while others are due to several disorders. But at the same time, the manner in which insomnia affects your life and your sleep patterns is directly dependent on your lifestyle and your daily scheduling. For example, those who drink alcohol in large quantity, often turn out to be restless and suffer from insomnia.

Insomnia can be treated. But at the same time, the proverb “Prevention is better than cure” applies directly in this case. Rather than hunting for the treatments and the medications for this ailment, it is advisable to never suffer from it. It’s very true that you can, no matter what you do, make for the sleep loss that you incur due to any of the causes, but at the same time, it’s in your hand to press the panic button and revamp your sleeping patterns. At least, by following this, you can have a good sleep in the future.

In case, you are still not convinced about the relation between alcohol and insomnia, you need to read further. All your doubts would be cleared and perhaps, you might just adieu final goodbye to this dreadful disease.

Myth about alcohol and insomnia

Have you been taking alcohol, before every sleep, just to have a peaceful slumber? If yes, this entire concept that alcohol will help in inducing sleep is far from reality and actual truth. On the contrary, alcohol acts as a stimulant and makes the entire case worse. You might just be tossing and turning on the bed, not even knowing the reason behind such restlessness.

But one thing to remember is that that alcohol does speed the process of sleeping, after few drinks only. But what follows after wards, is worse. In the later part of the night, you undergo wake up spells.

Truth about alcohol and insomnia

Well, the only truth is that alcohol provides momentary relaxation to an individual. The actual effect of alcohol takes places only when the person is sleeping. The sleep which is induced from alcohol does last for very long and also proves to be a restless one. The body starts to dehydrate with the sudden urination spells. Moreover, there are several other factors which add to the ailment, like slow alert response, low concentration, irritability, short temper and extreme tiredness.

What to avoid

In case, it’s just an occasion drink, it can be permitted. But you should always keep in mind regarding the time and the glass count, when you drink. Do not drink alcohol before going to sleep. Rather, you can have it several hours before retiring at the night. In this case, the effect of alcohol will reduce by the time you head for sleep. Your body is also able to rehydrate and you enjoy a quality sleep.

Effects of alcohol on insomnia

• It causes disturbance in sleeping patterns and makes them very erratic. It will also affect the deep sleeping patterns and rob the body from the quality Rapid Eye Movement.

• Research reveals that some who is more used to drinking high dosage of alcohol is more vulnerable for suffering from insomnia. The battle between insomnia and alcohol is a very long one. Even after avoiding alcohol, the heavy drinker might find it very difficult to get back to his old schedules of sleep. But at the same time, it also causes hindrance in exploring the other reasons which might have played a crucial role in causing insomnia.

In case, you are under medication and you are still drinking alcohol, no matter what the quantity is, you need to get very careful and press the panic button. The mixture of alcohol and medicines is not well and thus the problems are caused. In case, you are drinking alcohol and medications at the same time, it can be very dangerous.

At the same time, this combination is fatal and can cause severe problems.

Vicious cycle of alcohol and insomnia

No doubt, at times, it might be useful to drink alcohol before sleeping, in some cases, but irrespective of this fact, now you know what the dangerous effects are. The next day you suffer from the aftermath and it might be very difficult to adjust with. Since, the urination spells increase, it might be impossible for you to sleep for more than three hours.

At the same time, the conditions get further aggravated for those who suffer from sleep apnea. Dosage of alcohol can also lead to blocking of the airways and it might even add sleep apnea symptoms to those, who do not show Obstructive sleep apnea symptoms.

Time to see the doctor

Consult your doctor before searching for self diagnosed medications. Though, if you also start experiencing chronic pains, it’s strictly compulsory to meet the doctor.

Does Alcohol Consumption Lead To Insomnia


Alcohol consumption is harmful for the body. It starts with the reduction in the reaction time of an individual. Slowly and slowly, the person loses his control over his speech and actions. At times, the alcohol addict might even blurt out secrets which are supposedly private to him. He might also start speaking irrelevant sentences and in an erratic manner. Apart from these, he might also suffer from sleep disorder, most often, insomnia, which denotes sleeplessness. In spite of feeling dizzy and restless, he might not be able to have his share of peaceful sleep.
Alcohol is basically a drug or a stimulant. Most of the people drink alcohol to turn oblivious to their day to day tensions and troubles. For a very temporary period of time, alcohol is able to make them feel cool and calm. It literally transforms them to a different utopian world. But at the same time, excessive usage of alcohol might cause kidney failure and liver damage. At the same time, the inherent and natural immune system of the human body suffers and the body becomes vulnerable to diseases.
Every day tensions, depression or loss of a loved one might lead to drinking alcohol. After drinking alcohol, the person feels energetic and lives in the very moment, forgetting all his worries and daily pressures. Though, the brain gets refreshed and active, the need of proper sleep gets reduced. Though, at some times, a little bit of alcohol might even work as a treatment, in relieving everyone from their worries and having a good night sleep.
But slowly, the drinker gets addicted to alcohol and it turns out to be like an irresistible drug. For example, take example of a rookie who is new into some heavy physical exercise. No doubt, during the initial months, it would be difficult for him to manage, but slowly his body will get used to the kind of physical exertion. It’s the same process with drugs. Prolonged consumption of any drug makes the body used to it and thus, it does not affect the body in the same manner, as before.
Similarly, someone who drinks alcohol everyday will find it very difficult to get satisfied by the same quantity. Slowly and slowly, he will increase the amount. On one hand, he will need more alcohol to ease off his restlessness while, on the other hand, he might turn to be more vulnerable for paralysis and cardiac arrests.
Slowly, the body will find it very difficult to acclimatize with the increasing yearn for alcohol and might cause him regular vomiting also. At times, he might even get up from night sleep, just to vomit. Loose digestive system and indigestion would also get added to the list of tribulations. The frequency of urination will increase that too, at odd hours and slowly, his sleeping patterns will worsen in a very detrimental and alarming manner.
Doctors’ do not recommend the intake of high calorie food before sleeping. Alcohol has high calorie content. For example, just 250 ml of alcohol has 300 calories. Can you imagine that someone who has the regular intake of 500-700ml alcohol is eventually in taking 800 calories just from alcohol, in a day. While, this entire amount is just half of what a healthy man needs for regular calorie content. At the same time, excess of energy makes the body restless.
Its very common for heavy drinkers to keep tossing and turning on the bed before finally falling asleep. Sleep interruption heavily disturbs the metabolism of the body.
On the other hand, since the body is not meant for the intake of alcohol, in such large proportion, it automatically initiates a defense against it. Vomiting and loose digestive system are some of the channels of defense. The body tries to clear out the harmful substances from itself for better and healthy living.
Moreover, excessive intake of alcohol makes one oblivious to his surroundings and unconscious. One might fall asleep anywhere, at any time, in his home. The very next morning, because of the hangover, the brain will not feel refreshed and it would not be able to concentrate. He might not be able to perform any task with the needed concentration and will feel very peevish. Slowly, this system continues and results into several sleep disorders. It also creates psychological disorder in which the person might not be able to sleep, in spite of craving to do so.
This is the very reason why doctors don’t recommend excessive intake of alcohol. Though, 250 ml of alcohol every day acts like a stress buster but most of the doctors have the opinion that’s it’s impossible to stick to this limit and thus, it eventually increases, turning out to be an addiction.
So, alcohol is not less than a drug which makes the body more vulnerable for other diseases. One must strictly avoid the intake of alcohol. In case, one is addicted to it for a higher degree, rehabilitation centers endow some encouraging trainings for alcohol abuse. For those, who are used to a mild degree, listening to soft music or massaging one’s body will act as a potential means of distraction.

How do i get my sleep schedule back on track

How do i get my sleep schedule back on track

I have tried staying up for 24,36,even 48 hours with No sleep and when i do that i just sleep like 5 hours then i wake up and do another 24 hours i can’t help it and i hate it. If i get any sleep even like 10 minutes it ends horribly with ne staying up and doing horrible things to my health how do i fix this?
I have never even tried cocaine.

A really cool trick to helping your sleep is to learn about sleep cycles.
(Sorry in advance if this gets long)
A typical person goes through a full REM sleep cycle in 90 minutes (this can average +/- ~5-10 minutes a person). With this in mind, it is critical to make sure you plan your sleep schedule to allow yourself to wake up as close to the end of a cycle as possible.
Therefore for most people the best amount of sleep to receive is 4.5 hour, 6 hours, 7.5, or 9.
The next step is to learn how long it takes you to fall a sleep on average. This can average anywhere from 5 minutes to 2-3 hours for some people, so this is really something you’ll have to figure out on your own. And this just comes with time, most people have a ballpark idea of how long it takes.
So say it takes you about 30 minutes to fall asleep, and you know you need to get up at 8am. The best times to head to bed would be 10:30pm, Midnight, 1:30am, or 3:00am.
The key to all of this is that it’s actually more beneficial to get 7 and a half hours of sleep vs. 8. If you don’t hit a sleep cycle well, say you get 8.5 hours of sleep, you will wake up in the middle of a REM cycle and actually be MORE tired vs. getting 6 hours of sleep and hitting the cycle right.
I actually suggest to people if you know you need to get up at 8am, and you look at the clock and it’s 12:30am, it’s actually MORE beneficial to stay up until 1:30am so you can plan 30 minutes to fall asleep, and then get your 6 hours of sleep.
The great thing about these sleep cycles is it can start working for some people within the first night or two of starting this. Some people don’t see improved energy throughout the day for a week or two on the cycle, but the important thing to keep in mind is this is NOT dualistic. And by that i mean, it isn’t important to always to doing this, and if you don’t plan a sleep cycle for a day or two ( or a week/month) it doesn’t set you back at all. If it’s sunday afternoon and you want to sleep for 10-11 hours, go for it! Don’t worry about always sleeping in 90 minute intervals.
Hopefully I’ve explained this well, if you are curious about learning more you can always google 90 minute REM cycles

Is It Insomnia?


Is It Insomnia?
Are you having trouble sleeping?  Are you worried that it might be insomnia?  Let’s look at the primary definition of insomnia:
Insomnia is difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep, or having non-refreshing sleep for at least 1 month.
The time length of one month is hotly debated.  Many feel that two weeks with disrupted sleep patterns qualifies as insomnia.  The simple fact is that any disruption of normal sleep patterns feels like insomnia to you when you are going through it.
If you have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep for at least four hours over a period of four days or more you may have insomnia. It is critical that you try and find the cause or trigger for your sleeplessness before it becomes chronic insomnia.
In most cases insomnia is temporary and eliminated when the reason is found and eliminated.  The number one cause for insomnia is stress.  This might be financial stress, stress in a relationship, or stress from your job.  If you eliminate the stress the insomnia usually disappears.
The problem comes when you let your temporary stress induced insomnia continue and it becomes chronic.  It is very important that you try and determine the cause of your insomnia quickly.  The longer the insomnia continues the more chance it will become chronic.
Your body does not function correctly without proper sleep.  People with insomnia do not get proper sleep and it can drastically affect your health. If you are having a problem getting to and staying asleep you have insomnia.  The only real question is whether it will be temporary or become chronic.
It is critical that you try and find the reason for your temporary insomnia and eliminate it before it becomes chronic.  In almost all cases temporary insomnia can be eliminated with the use of an over the counter sleep aid.  This assumes that you eliminate the stressor or trigger of your temporary insomnia.  Sleep tight.

5 Tips to Help You Get to Sleep


One of the most challenging parts of getting some decent rest is the first part – actually getting to sleep. Today we’ll discuss a few tips that will help you get those eyes shut.
In ‘Western’ society, sleep patterns have drastically changed in the past century, due to a number of inventions and advancements – most importantly electricity and lighting. In the past, the main source of light was from candles, lanterns and other flame-based sources, none of which were as easy to use as a switch on the wall. Combine this flood of readily-available light with the multitude of distractions that we have invented – television, the internet, etc. – and you can see why it’s been getting tougher and tougher to get to sleep.
Here are a few tips that will help you with getting some rest – follow these and you’re virtually guaranteed to increase the amount of sleep you get per night.
1. Cut out the caffeine -one of the easiest ways to ensure that you’re awake is by drinking caffeinated beverages in the evening. Stop your caffeine consumption by no later than 5pm each day to ensure that the caffeine isn’t stimulating you when you’re trying to get some shut-eye.

2. Turn off the TV – and, more importantly, if you have a television in your bedroom, get it out of there! The bedroom isn’t the place for TV – it’s a place for resting, sex and storing your socks. Keep the TV in the living room, and skip watching late-night shows as they’re not really all that good anyway. When it’s your bedtime, turn the TV off and go to bed!

3. Invest in a good bed – one of the main reasons folks don’t get good quality sleep is because they are sleeping on a bed that is inadequate for their needs. Visit a proper mattress shop where you can try out different mattresses, and get recommendations for mattresses that suit your comfort level and provide you with the support you need. Also, if you sleep with someone that’s a bit more restless than you are (or if you’re a restless sleeper yourself), get a mattress that has individually-pocketed coils so rest isn’t getting disturbed by someone rolling over.

4. Get some exercise earlier in the day – if possible, exercise in the morning before you trot off to the office, or on your lunch break. Getting exercise during the day will help to wear you out and you’ll be tired when you’re ready for bed. Be careful of exercising at night, as the exercise might jack your metabolism and adrenaline up and prevent you from getting sleep.

5. Try out a natural sleep supplement – before you go running off to your Doc for sleeping pills, give an all-natural sleeping supplement a try. Look for supplements or breathing strips that contain melatonin, which is a hormone that your body produces to help regulate your circadian rhythm. 

What To Do If You Are Having Trouble Falling Asleep

young man in bed with eyes wide opened suffering insomnia , stress and sleep disorder thinking about his problem

Sleeping fast or trying to sleep fast are two different things. You fall asleep, quickly when your body is tired and lacks energy. You try to sleep fast, when you worry too much about not getting the needed sleep. The latter one is an example of Insomnia.
Insomnia is a sleeping disorder and may happen to anyone. You may try too hard to get a good night sleep or you might find trouble even resting for some time. Many people suffering from this problem, wake several times during night and find it difficult to fall asleep again. You might also lie in bed for 2-3 hours, before you can actually fall off for some decent asleep. The reasons behind this sleeping disorder can be depression, anxiety, tension or curiosity about something that is about to happen
In this article I will suggest you few ways which will help you to fall asleep fast:
Keeping yourself busy
The best thing to do to have a good sleep at night is keeping yourself and your brain busy for most part of your day. This will help you to utilize the energy and will tire you and make you feel exhausted during the day. Hence, it will help you get a better and fast sleep at night. Also, when you keep working for entire day, the food you have eaten, provides you with the needed energy to perform various activities.
If you continue eating and perform almost half the work as compared to the quantity of food you eat, then your body would be energetic and you may not get tired. Have you seen little tots who keep on playing the entire day and they don’t even realize when they fall asleep? This is just because their mind and body feels exhausted during night and they fall asleep so early. So, it is best to keep yourself busy during the day and you will automatically get sound sleep during the night.
Sleep no more than 8 hours
Our brain needs, no less than 8 hours to refresh itself. Sleeping in excess will make it not only lethargic, but also will keep you awake the next night. Make sure you fix your sleeping hours at night. An adult brain can work efficiently with the requirement of 6 hours sleep also. Your entire week goes well but during weekends, you tend to sleep for more hours. This causes lack of sleep on corresponding days.
Eat carefully
Our body is active and engages itself in physical activity and eating heavy meals during daytime. The meals are utilized by the body to provide energy for performing various functions. During night, only internal processes require energy, as our body is at rest. So, you must not take heavy or high calorie meals during the night. It gives your body a lot more energy than is actually required and thus, makes you up all night.
In order to sleep fast, you must avoid eating anything, at least one and half hour before retiring to bed.
Drinking tea or caffeine
Caffeine and tea are sleep depressants. Caffeine tends to release antioxidants in the body that reduces tiredness and stress. Your body feels refreshed and energetic after these drinks. If, you are addicted to coffee or tea, then make sure that you do not take them before going to bed, as they will cause loss of sleep and hence, will keep you awake.
Exercise regularly
Exercising is mandatory. Exercising everyday helps you to stretch your body and keeps it fit. Half an hour of exercise is recommended everyday in order to keep your body in shape. But at the same time, you must make sure, not to exercise before going to bed as exercises help to raise the temperature of your body.
Your blood starts to flow at a greater speed making you feel energetic and fresh. So, performing exercise or vigorous activity right before going to bed will certainly keep you awake. Try performing exercise in the early morning and make sure to work out hard, so that you lose extra energy and hence, feel tired at the end of the day, to get quality sleep. Also, try to perform exercise of your choice like dancing, running, skipping, etc. Any form of exercise, which makes you sweat and loose energy will make you feel tired and you will be able to get a sound and quick sleep at night.
Create a sleepy environment
Creating an environment, which helps to induce sleep, is necessary. If, you are living in an area which is near to the city or industrial area, then you may experience some disturbance. You must use thick curtains and sound proof materials, so that they absorb unnecessary sound and help you to get a quick sleep. Also, you must ensure that your mattresses and cushions are soft and tender to provide full rest to your body and mind. You can use ear plugs or eye covers, if, you are disturbed by the light from streets. Make sure your room is cool enough during summers and moderately warm during winters, so as to keep you cozy in both the seasons.
In a nutshell, you can follow above mentioned methods to ensure quick and sound sleep for your body.

How To Get Better Sleeping Condition For Your Children


It is necessary to sleep and give rest to your mind. Just like you, this kind of sound sleep is important for your children also. Your tiny tots do hundred different things a day, leaving them exhausted by the end of the day. Unlike us, our children need at least 9 hours of sleep a day. Thus, it’s not only your duty but your objective to let them have their peaceful slumber.
Just like proper nutrition and diet, they also need ample sleep to revitalize themselves for the next day. Only then they can run, jump, shout and freak out, like other kids. And apart from that, who wants their child to be lethargic? Obviously, none of us!
Imagine you child getting up every day, going to school, learning various new things, playing with pals, coming back from school, completing their challenging home work and then playing once again outside and getting back to home, just for watching video games. Their mind is always in a thinking process, even when they are sitting calmly because even then they are actually thinking about something or the other, in their mind. Even during night they can keep on thinking or dreaming about vague concepts. Being a parent, you must ensure to give your child a proper sleep and rest so that he is able to perform the same routine next day.
Being a new parent and struggling with this responsibility of raising your child in the right manner can be daunting. At times, this might pester and irritate you also.
So, what to do now? Well, the best thing you can do is to understand the child’s psychology. Understanding your child and child mechanism is simple. All you need to do is to listen to and to understand are their likes, dislikes, daily routines etc.
The following steps will help you to provide a better sleep and health for your children:
• Manage their diet
Managing the diet of your child is extremely important. If your child is not eating properly, he will lack several nutritious components and the needed energy to perform various activities. You must provide him with the necessary fuel to meet his body requirements. If your child is not taking enough calories then he might feel lethargic and may sleep more than required. This is because his body performs more than what he actually eats. So, you must provide proper diet and nutrition to him, so that he can sleep and wake in time.
• Fixing time to bed
The next thing to do for providing sound sleep to your child is fixing the time for his nap. You are responsible for his schedule. Being a child, he hardly cares about these little things. You must assure that he gets into the bed in time and can have sufficient hours of sleep. Adjust the time accordingly, so that he can rest for at least 9 hours. If, you are working late in the night, do make sure that you hire a baby sitter or adjust it with your husband, to put him to bed at the right time. Your child should not suffer because of your job and work demands.
• Sleeping problem with age
As your child grows, he is overburdened with studies and extracurricular activities. Several hormonal changes take place in his body in accordance with his growth. It can cause erratic mood swings like making him irritated and depressed. Also, many other factors like peer pressure, competition, etc can make him stressed and tensed due to which he might feel sleepless. In order to provide him with the required sleep, make sure that you discuss his day and advice him so that he can find a solution for his problem. As children grow up, they hesitate to discuss their problems with their parents. So, you can pretend like his friend, share your childhood experiences. If you do this, he will realize how common experiences are and they happen to everyone. If you try to relate to their teen age troubles, he will surely discuss it with you and hence, he will feel less stressed. So, sound sleep guaranteed.
• Tackling the competition
Today competition has increased in a stupendous manner. Each parent wants their home to produce doctors and scientists. Thus, unknowingly, they put a lot of pressure on their child, which may be s more than enough. Result- the child may undergo depression, leading to poor performance and lack of sleep. He may be awake all through the night, worrying about his performance and thinking about the competition. Sleeping less will make him tired and he will not be able to grasp more and also suffer from headaches. Now, you have to be with your child and understand his situation. You should advice him to do, as much as he can rather than pushing him too hard to strive for perfection. You can help him to divide his work make him a time table, which he can follow, aiding him to concentrate more. In this way, not only will he be able to learn more but will also get time to entertain him. He will feel relaxed and get a sound sleep.
Also, reward your child for his little victories. Be there with him. It’s all that he actually needs.

Chronic Insomnia – Causes and Cure


Night outs, parties and celebrations have their own share of revelry, but at the same time, excess of anything is injurious to health. One such malaise is insomnia. Though, most of us might not be aware of this medical term but every now and then, we do undergo sleepless night, in spite of being tired and heavily exhausted. Unfortunately, this condition can get chronic and regular, if the health mechanism of the body is not maintained. At the same time, the unsatisfied hunger for sleep, also called as sleep deprivation adds fuel to the fire and causes a worse form of this trepidation.
• In case, you suffer from anxiety, the smaller and erratic ones, you might turn out to be a patient of mild insomnia. Anxiety can be due to various reasons, even because of the extra alcohol or caffeine that you gulp down, before sleeping. While some of the other reasons can be irregular sleeping patterns, disturbance by outside noise during the sleeping time etc. In these conditions, the normal body mechanism demands regularity in the sleep patterns for further functioning. Thus, in chronic insomnia, your sleep patterns, which, according to the metabolism of the body, should have turned normal, unfortunately have not been so, in the couple of days. Well, this is alarm time now. Do not take the symptoms lightly. Press the panic button.
• Well, how much sleep is needed by a normal man, per day? Well, if you need a refreshing day, you at least need a sleep amount of ten hours. Do not get deluded by the boisterous workaholics who flaunt their sleeping time to be only 4-5 hours. After all, they do not know what lies in store. Insomnia can make you short tempered, restless and grouch, with no energy left to charge your body cells. Slowly and slowly, it will start affecting your immunity, blood pressure and health. You might now be able to concentrate due to the continuous overpowering feeling of drowsiness and fatigue. You might also meet with an accident, in such a senseless and unconscious state. So better be careful, mate!
• Thus, if you want to check whether you are an insomniac or not, check out the below symptoms. Do not play with your life and rejuvenate your draining energy. In case, the symptoms match with your everyday working patterns, its high time when you must change them.
o Do you find yourself tossing and turning every night?
o Do you wake from half sleep, during the midnight, feeling very restless?
o Do you keep watching the clock or the rotating fan to fall asleep?
o Are you very irritated and drowsy during the day time?
If all these questions give “yes” as an answer, it’s high time to know that you actually suffer from insomnia.
But then, how did you get nabbed in this disease?
Well, insomnia can be because of several reasons like tension about family, job, expenses, medical problems, emergency, and death in the family, depression and shock. You might not even get t know that you are turning insomniac, though simultaneously, your body might be crying for sleep. Apart from these, stress is one of the most common and dominant reasons in causing this ailment. At the same time, if you are in the recovery process from any major disease, it might take time for you to adapt to your earlier sleeping patterns.
Though, there are other people who follow well maintained and very strict schedules of working and sleeping. Their entire life revolves around their time table. For example, at six in the morning, they have to jog and at eight, they need their breakfast. This lifestyle is not only difficult to adhere but it makes the follower more restless and physically tired. Most of their time, goes in calculating what they did and what they have to do. At the same time, their mind is never relaxed. This slowly causes chronic insomnia because their mind is more engrossed in to-do-lists rather than slumber.
In case, you are suffering from depression, you might end up sleeping very little or much more, than your daily cycle. This is because your body is undergoing chemical and physical changes. At the same time, if you get tensed regarding your own sickness, how can you manage a refreshing sleep?
Well, for those who wish to improve their sleeping patterns, there are several stimulants and medicines available in the market and can be of great help. Some of these are the anti-depressants, the corticosteroid drugs, the medicines for high blood pressure, weight loss, pain killers and decongestants which include several stimulants in them. Anti histamines might increase your urinating frequency, actually leading to one of the potential causes of insomnia.
At the same time, there are several people, who are natives of different countries and working in the time zones of different ones. For example, a person from San Francisco might not be able to sleep when its night at London.
Thus, there are various causes of insomnia. But, its very important to track them and obliterate them for healthy living.