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Chronic Insomnia Treatment – What Is The Best Method?


Chronic insomnia, also known as severe insomnia is the hardest to treat type of insomnia. You may know there are three types of insomnia and they are classified by the period that the problems occur. Transient insomnia is a temporary problem that lasts no longer than one week. Acute insomnia will stay with the patient for less than a month. If you have insomnia constantly for more than a month, that’s chronic insomnia (or you may say severe insomnia). In this post, I will show you the best way to treat severe insomnia.

Treatment could be simple…

In mild cases, insomnia can be treated by non-medical remedies. With that said, regular exercises, relaxation… can help you cure insomnia in such cases. However, with chronic insomnia, the natural way is not enough.

When it comes to treating chronic insomnia, it’s a prerequisite that you know what exactly the causes of your problem. Many people suffer from insomnia only, this case is called primary insomnia. Other people, who suffer from insomnia because they have other health diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure… doctors call this is secondary insomnia. Some specific drugs used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure… can cause the difficulty to sleep, which is the initial symptoms of insomnia.

Medical treatments for chronic insomnia

The use of drugs to treat insomnia should be supervised closely by your doctor because they can cause some unwanted effects. The list I provide you below is the most common medications used to cure chronic insomnia.

Prescription sleep aid:

These sleep aids are mainly sedative, which will help you get into sleep much easier.

Benzodiazepine sedatives: these sleep aids are proven to increase sleep quantity and quality. Some example of drugs that contain Benzodiazepine sedatives is Dalmane, Halcion, Restoril…

Ramelteon (Rozerem) This medication promotes the onset of sleep and normalize circadian rhythm disorders. It’s approved by the FDA for the treatment of difficulty falling asleep.

Some antidepressants: Anxiety, depression are the main causes of insomnia. That’s why some specific types of anti-depressants have a good impact on treating insomnia. However, some other types can bring negative effects.

Over the counter medications

• Melatonin: This is a substance produced by a small structure in the middle of the brain when the night has come. This substances signal to the body:” Hey, it’s night time, let’s go to sleep”. In people who suffer from insomnia, the level of melatonin produced so low so the body doesn’t have a sleepy feeling. This medication provides an insufficient amount of melatonin and helps people sleep easier.


Insomnia should be treated as soon as possible. You may have transient or acute insomnia at first. However, if you don’t treat it properly, the problem will become chronic. When you have chronic insomnia, don’t be panic! It can be cured. Just follow the instruction of your doctor and have a good lifestyle and you will find it’s not hard to sleep well.
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