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Cure And Remedies For Sleep Apnea

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Do you wake up from sleep grasping for breath? Is the oxygen supply to your lungs hardly satisfactory? Well, if your answer is yes, there are chances that you might be suffering from sleep apnea. So, what is sleep apnea?

Well, this is basically a condition in which the oxygen passage to the lungs gets obstructed when the patient sleeps, while laying on his back. That’s why, one of the colloquial and much prescribed advice to treat sleep apnea is to have a sound sleep, devoid of tensions and restlessness. This can be done only when you are not suffering from any pressure. Until and unless you do not sleep in a sound manner, your muscles would not know how to relax and sleep, causing the obstruction. This can be done by the flow of continuous air across the airway.

The air passage can be kept open, even during the time you sleep, by using some dental devices that help in regular breathing. The other options for treatment are medicines and surgery. There are other treatments also which assure that the drowsiness of the day time due to the lack of proper sleep and snoring etc get alleviated, along with the other side effects like higher blood pressure.

On the other hand, there are other treatments which are decided by the doctors on the basis of the severity of the problems.

• Surgery, no doubt, is the last resort. This is done when the muscle growth has blocked the air passage and it can be easily removed, only through surgical treatment. Though, the doctor initiates by various applications which can change the life style of the patient and also uses several pressure applications for the clearing of the air passage. For example, those who are suffering from rhinitis and sinusitis are needed to use sprays to reduce the inflammations in their nasal passages, which cause problems in the airway.

• In case, the patient suffers from hyperthyroidism, he might have to take several other medications also. Enlarged tonsils and adenoids can also cause sleep apnea. These are majorly caused in children. Eventually, surgery is carried on to remove the tonsils.

• At times, excess of weight gain might also cause sleep apnea. Research reveals that the weight gain is directly proportional to the number of times; one gets up during the night time, amid the sleeping hours. Thus, for those who have more weight, it’s advised to lose weight, so that the symptoms of sleep apnea can be cured.

• It’s very important to strictly adhere to one sleeping pattern rather than following a very erratic schedule of working. Regularity and discipline should be maintained with the sleeping patterns.

• It’s easier to sleep while resting on the sides. This is because, this placement makes it easier for the lungs to force the air out, in case, and you are sleeping on the right side. In case, you suffer from sleep apnea, even of the mildest form, just make sure that you never sleep, while resting on your back. If that sounds impossible for you, you can follow a simple advice. Stitch a pocket behind your back and hold a book on it. The moment you rest on your back, you are definitely going to feel very uncomfortable and problem is solved. After all, you are not allowing the book to nudge your spinal cord, are you?

• If you do not crave for a disturbed night, do not drink coffee or alcohol before going to sleep. At the same time, strictly avoid sleeping pills and other sedatives as they might end up aggravating the symptoms of sleep apnea. Viagra is another unfortunate disease for sleep apnea. In case, you are a heavy chain smoker, the tobacco nicotine will definitely narrow and collapse the air passage. Leave about sleeping at night, you might find it difficult even to breathe. This is the very basic reason that those who smoke or drink before getting to bed, cannot have a refreshing slumber.

• Here comes a bit of arithmetic. In case, you increase the height of your bed by 15 cm, you would be sleeping at an angle of 80 to 85 degrees. Thus, you are not slumbering at 90 degrees on your bed. Do not use pillows to adjust the height as it might create problems for the cervical area.

• Even if you suffer from the very mildest of sleep apnea, you need to get very serious even if you suffer from slightest cold. You can also use nasal strips to improve the flow of air, as it basically widens the nostrils. But at the same time, they are mere supporters and not basic treatments.

The treatments for sleep apnea include CPAP a breathing device, which assures that your nasal passage and airways are not blocked even if you are fast asleep. These types of devices have been used for the curing of mild and serious forms of sleep apnea. But at the same time, they might be quite suffocating for some people, who are not used to wearing masks during sleep.
Thus, the best option is to consult the doctor and bestow relief to yourself.


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