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Effects Of Sleep Apnea


Suffering from sleep apnea is really annoying. The effects of sleep apnea can vary from people to people. Also, the effects of sleep apnea on children are different from the effects on adults.

The common between adult and children

When suffering from sleep apnea, both children and adult will have difficulty breathing while sleeping. They usually have short wakening during the night and the quality of sleep, therefore, not well. Sleep apnea causes snoring in both children and adult which the problem that may disturb the sleep of their roommates.

The differences

There are some differences between the effects of sleep apnea on children and on adult. While adult suffers excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), children don’t have this problem. On the contrary, children with sleep apnea appear to be hyperactive and they can easily be suffered from ADHD. They find it hard to concentrate on one thing and easily jump from this item to another. Adult also finds it hard to concentrate too and feel very tired and easily fall asleep while working or studying.

During the sleep, adult can have a short period of stop breathing, this symptom is not very common in kids. However, kids with sleep apnea usually move around while sleeping.

The solution for sleep apnea

In children, apply CPAP machine has some difficulties as there are not very many masks made for the size of children’s face. Losing weight (if they are overweight) and surgery is the most common solution. In adult, there are more options. You can use a CPAP machine to aid the breath or use mouthpiece for sleep apnea. Surgery is considered as the last option.
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