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Home Treatments To Fight Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most common diseases of today. Unfortunately, three out of every ten people suffer from it. It does not depend on gender or age differences. Anyone can suffer from insomnia. On the other hand, it’s the circumstances and the environment which play a very pivotal in casing and affecting the symptoms of insomnia.

You can turn insomniac because of some health problem and also because of any tension that has been bugging you for a very long time. The symptoms of insomnia are different from one person to other. Though, some of the regular symptoms are restlessness, irritation, and lack of concentration, lethargy and peevish sensation.
Whether it’s a young adult or a school going student, everyone suffers from this problem. Lately, this ailment has been getting very colloquial due to the cut throat competition which leads to stress, fear, self esteem and hunger for name, fame and affluence. Everyone wants perfection and all of us are engrossed in amassing it, which creates a lot of pressure. These needs and demands become so strong that one is not able to rest and further leads to sleeplessness, turning into insomnia.

In case, any of your family members or even you, suffers from insomnia, here are some of the potential ways of treatment and lessening the symptoms of insomnia. You do not need the doctor’s advice to follow these treatments as they are very reliable and genuine.

This disease is completely curable. Your age hardly matters.

Sticking to a fixed schedule:

It’s very important to maintain a regular schedule to fight from this disease. If you keep yourself busy the entire day, involve yourself into various activities, it’s quite natural that you will feel very tired and automatically sleep when you retire to your bed. But at the same time, do not over sleep as you might not be able to sleep the other night. So, have fixed hours of sleep and perform different activities in a specified slot. But at the same time, do not lay awake and think about what to do and what not to, when you need to sleep.

Limiting bed time:

Our brain and our body need at least, 6-7 years of sleep at a minimum. If you just sleep and do not involve yourself in other work, you might not feel tired and hence you might just be awake the entire night, thinking unnecessary thoughts. So, do not over indulge in sleeping when it comes to fighting insomnia.

Eating before bed time:

Doctors advise to take light food before going off to sleep. This is because; light food needs less time to digest and also provides fuel to the body for other activities. But heavy dinner might lead to several problems. Neither the body gets the time to oxidize neither the food nor the energy for doing so. Thus, do not eat very much during the nights.

Avoid trying very hard to sleep:

It’s quite natural that the more you feel like sleeping, the more you will be finding it difficult to sleep. So, try distracting your mind when you are not able to sleep. For example, try listening to your favorite your music or thinking about something which happened with you and mattered to you. Try thinking about what you would do the other day and what all you did today. For the book readers, reading a light novel is a good option.

Exercise and work out:

Physical exercise and regular work outs are the best ways to be healthy and fight from insomnia. Exercising everyday helps you to stretch your body and to keep it fit. Half an hour of exercise is recommended everyday, in order to keep your body in shape. Do not exercise before going to bed because it helps to raise the temperature of your body and your blood would start to flow at a greater speed making you energetic and fresh. So, performing exercise or vigorous activity, right before going to bed will certainly keep you awake. Try performing exercises in the morning and make sure to work out hard, so that you lose extra energy and hence, feel tired at the end of the day to get quality sleep.

Keep a check on your medications:

Medications must not be taken without prescriptions. The next thing that you should keep in mind is that the medications, which you take, do not induce sleep. Do not take them during the day time because you might end up over sleeping or hardly finding rest during the night. At the same time, do not pop sleeping pills a lot. As soon as the body gets used to the sleeping pills, their impact lessens and hence, they do not induce sleep. Rather, the sleep induced by them is very short lived, bustling with erratic waking spells. So, do not let your body get addicted to any kind of medication, especially those which make you feel drowsy.

Thus, by following these treatments, you will be able to fight insomnia and cure yourself. It may take time, but it will surely get erased.


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