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How To Cure Sleep Apnea


When talking about the cure for sleep apnea, you might hear people talk about the mouthpiece, the CPAP machine… However, mouthpiece and CPAP machines are not the cure for sleep apnea (obstructive sleep apnea to be exact) because when you stop using them, you return to where you were, still suffer heavily from sleep apnea. If you are looking for ways to stop sleep apnea, you can go here. The only known cure for sleep apnea is surgery.

Surgery for sleep apnea usually doesn’t take a great deal of time. In fact, doctors consider sleep apnea surgery (many people call this snoring surgery) is a minor one. Also, the success rate is quite high. 95% of people who have surgery reported great improvement in their sleep as well as their lives.

There are two types of surgery for sleep apnea. The palatal surgery and jaw surgery. Each one takes a different place to cut but the goals are identical, to open the airway passage wider, thus remove the obstruction. The palatal surgery will remove the tissue located on the palate by using a surgical or laser procedure. Meanwhile, jaw surgery will advance the lower jaw forward so the esophagus will be moved forward too. The outcome of this adjustment is the throat now is opened wider so air can flow in and out easily. The patients will no longer suffer from sleep apnea/snoring.

While the success rate of sleep apnea surgery is very high, there is still a risk that you might need to consider before taking it. As the surgery will leave wounds and wounds will heal afterward, it could leave scars too. In normal people, scars will be flat and in that case, the surgery is successful. However, in some rare cases, the scars may grow big and create a greater obstruction that makes the situation of the patients worse. Unfortunately, there is no way to know whether the scar will grow big or not.

So now you know how to cure sleep apnea. However, if the problem is not severe, you can apply simple therapies such as Oral Appliance Therapy (use mouthpiece, mouth guard), practice sleep hygiene or even use the CPAP machine. However, if sleep apnea gets worse, don’t be afraid of applying the surgery. There are many people have gone through it and live their lives without sleep apnea/snoring forever.
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