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Insomnia Natural Treatment – Treat Insomnia Without Using Drugs


Suffering from insomnia is a real pain. Not only you can’t have a good night sleep the day life will also be a disaster if you don’t treat insomnia soon. The good news is in most cases, insomnia can be treated by natural methods. In this post, I will show you how to cure insomnia using natural home remedies. Insomnia natural home remedies are also known as non-medical treatments. They are sleep hygiene, relaxation therapy, stimulus control, and sleep restriction. We will go through all of them in this post.
Sleep hygiene

Natural Therapy Can Cure Insomnia
You can think about sleep hygiene as a lifestyle change in order to have better sleep. What you will do is having enough sleep first so you can feel fully recovered. However, don’t sleep too much. In addition, you will want to exercises from 20 to 30 minutes per day. These exercises must be hard but you must do daily. Besides, having a good sleep-wake schedule is vital in order to have good sleep hygiene. You can set a schedule like “going to bed at 11pm and get up at 5 or 6am”. The most important thing is to follow that schedule closely. Finally, don’t drink tea, coffee, and smoke before bedtime. It’s best to stop using such products.
Relaxation therapy
As you may know, insomnia, especially chronic insomnia is mainly caused by anxiety and depression. With that said, having a free mind before going to bed is a prerequisite for having a good sleep. The relaxation therapy makes use of music, light to help you free your mind from stress and depression. You may find this method is quite similar to yoga.
Stimulus control
The stimulus control method encourages people to sleep when they feel sleepy but again, don’t oversleep. This method is quite similar to the first one when it requires a specific sleep and wakeup time. However, this method says that if you can’t sleep after 30 minutes from the time you staying in bed, just wake up and do other things. When you feel sleepy, go to bed again. You will also need to get rid of all distractions like the TV, radio when you stay in bed.
Sleep restriction
This method requires you to follow a strict schedule of sleep time. You are allowed to sleep in a specific period. Out of that period, you are not allowed to sleep even you are sleepy. The therapist believes that by doing so, in the next bedtime, the patient will want to sleep more than before. Therefore, he or she will have a better, deeper sleep.
Sleep restriction uses a strict bedtime schedule. You will go to bed at a specific time and get up at a specific time, even when you are sleepy. Therapists believe that doing so will help the patient have better sleep next night.
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