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Narcolepsy In Children – Causes – Symptoms – Effective Treatments


There are many people think that narcolepsy rarely happens in children, however, the following figures can shock you. The number of children suffers from narcolepsy is very common and even a 3 year old kid can suffer from this serious problem. So how can you recognize the problem from kids soon and what are the effective treatments for this problem? You will find the answer here.

Symptoms of narcolepsy in children

There are not many differences between the symptoms of kids and adults who suffer from narcolepsy. There are still four distinctive symptoms: excessive daytime sleepiness, cataplexy, sleep paralysis and Hypnagogic hallucinations. However, the last three symptoms don’t always happen in all cases. You will notice that the kid suffers from EDS even heavier in adults. If you notice that your kids sleep a lot, don’t yell at them yet. It could be a sign of narcolepsy, a serious sleep disorder. You can read more about the symptoms of narcolepsy here. (for adults but similar to children case).

What can be the impacts of narcolepsy on children?

Children with narcolepsy will usually find it hard to concentrate on learning, curb the development of a cognitive function. That’s why their studying results will be not as good as they and their parents expected. If not treated soon and properly, narcolepsy can cause serious outcomes for the kids. Low studying result may cause low self-esteem, which leads to problems in social life, relationships and a lot of derivatives issues. In addition, narcolepsy can cause ADHD.

What are the treatments for narcolepsy in children?

The treatment for narcolepsy in children is not very different from what we do for adult sufferers. However, in kids, scheduling daytime short naps can be effective in coping with narcolepsy. The naps should be scheduled at moments when the children feel sleepiest. Also, improve night time sleep is another good way to deal with narcolepsy. Other treatments of narcolepsy can be found here.


It’s always good to identify the problem soon and find effective treatment. When you notice that your kids have symptoms of narcolepsy (in most cases the EDS), you should bring them to the doctor soon. Remember home remedies may not be the effective answer and if not treated, the outcomes can be serious as mentioned above.
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