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Natural Insomnia Remedies – Home Remedies To Cure Insomnia


Insomnia causes a lot of trouble in our lives. Not only your sleep will be deteriorated but your daily activities will also be heavily affected. That’s why finding effective home remedies for insomnia can be vital to saving your life (I don’t recommend using pills yet). Fortunately, there are quite various natural cures for insomnia available. We will go through them in this post.

Using herbs to treat insomnia

There are some herbs can help you treat insomnia quite effectively. The first one is valerian. Valerian is extracted from valerian roots. The natural chemical in valerian will help you fall asleep faster so you will not have to stay for hours to get into sleep. In addition, it’s also used to treat other sleep disorders, relieve people from anxiety and restlessness. You can get valerian under the form of natural supplements.

Chamomile is another good herb that used to help you improve the sleeping quality. Chamomile is packed under the form of tea and you can drink it exactly like tea. When drink chamomile, you will feel relaxed, calm. This state will bring you into the sleep very fast.

Use the mantram technique to fall asleep fast

The mantram technique is not new. In fact, it has been around for centuries. What you need to do is to repeat a meaningless phrase silently. If you feel that you cannot get rid of tons of thoughts go through your mind every single second, using the mantram technique will help. By repeating the meaningless phrase, your mind will forget about what you are thinking and you will fall asleep while repeating. Please be patient when applying this method as it will not work instantly.

Relaxation can help you sleep better

Stress and depression are the main causes of insomnia. If you think you have a lot of stress recently, it’s time to relax. There are many ways you can do to free your mind. However, the best method is practicing yoga. There is a complete section about relaxing in yoga for you to practice. After a short time practicing yoga, you will see that not only you will fall asleep faster but also not wake up frequently in the middle at night. If you don’t have time, get some relaxation music at online stores and listen while staying in bed could be effective.

Practicing good sleep hygiene

Practicing good sleep hygiene is another insomnia home remedies you can use to improve your sleeping quality. Good sleep hygiene means you keep a good sleep-wakeup schedule every day. For example, if you go to bed at 10 pm today and wakeup at 6 am tomorrow, so do other days of the week, even at the weekend. Doing so will help you create a good habit and let the biological clock to return to its original state. Use your time wisely so you don’t fall into the situation that you must stay late to complete your works.

Know when and what to eat/drink

There is a big mistake that I see many people commit is to eat an enormous dinner. This will do more harm to your sleep. As you eat a lot of food, your stomach will have to work to digest the things you ate when it’s supposed to rest. The result is you will find really hard to sleep if you currently suffer from insomnia. Also, people with insomnia are very sensitive to drinks like tea and coffee. Don’t drink such things close to bedtime so you can get into sleep easier.


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