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What Is Anxiety Insomnia – Causes And Curative Measures

What Is Anxiety Insomnia - Causes And Curative Measures

Have you noticed that you do not drop off to sleep as easily as you used to do, just a couple of nights ago? So, there must be some reason about this sudden change. This complete inability to go to sleep when you want to is known as insomnia. It is one of most common sleep disorders in the world at present. Chronic insomnia happens to be when you cannot go to sleep for more than three weeks or more.
On the other hand, if, you happen to find it pretty difficult to want to sleep, just because you are anxious and just cannot relax, even though you are physically tired, it means that you are suffering from anxiety insomnia.
Anxiety causes insomnia, and the reason for this is continuous worrying. This ailment is going to affect your total health and be another cause of your worry and anxiety. This happens to be a vicious circle, and that is why it is one of the most important kinds of sleep disorders, which need to be cured, as soon as you find yourself having white nights and trying desperately hard to go off to sleep as your body needs it.
Just like plenty of exercise and nourishment, a healthy diet is necessary to keep your body and soul together. At the same time, you also need plenty of uninterrupted sleep to make sure that when you wake up, you are refreshed. The next morning should be dynamic and you should be ready to take on the whole world and all its resulting anxieties again, only to once again ease them off.
However, many of us spend the entire night, worrying about something which might never happen. You might be worrying about your job, health, finances, and quarrels with somebody, who just might not know that he has markedly offended you beyond repair. There may be other stupid reasons why somebody did not ring you up on did not write or anything.
There are many people who suffer from anxiety insomnia because they happened to be chronic worry warts. They have to be anxious about some to justify their existence. And that’s what makes them ask the doctors to prescribe drugs for themselves. Only then they can go to sleep without any attacks anxiety. Doctors, very often do not prescribe habit-forming medicines, which might cause the patient to take sleep inducing drugs, instead of relying on his own natural functions for sleeping, for more than a couple of days.
If, you do not go to sleep for a couple days, you find yourself lethargic, lazy, and in a terrible state of mind. You are not sleeping, and that makes you more anxious and slowly you start worrying about all the permutations and combinations of various reasons about sleeplessness. This makes you so anxious that there can be a chance that when it is the time to go to sleep, you might start worrying again about why you cannot go to sleep.
Insomnia can cause stupendous psychological problems, as well as psychiatric problems. You cannot sleep because of the different issues affecting everything and everyone around you. You cannot concentrate on anything, you’re feeling so tired and you get anxious about what you’re feeling so extremely tired for. You may even take risks, which you would never take in your normal well rested senses. At the same time, you begin to think whether your faculties are quite all right, because they are not working at the optimum limit. There are also chances that anxiety insomnia may add to your current anxiety by causing diabetes and other chronic diseases like high blood pressure and heart ailments.
People, who go off to sleep while driving, are facing one of the several hazards of insomnia. You’re also not capable of getting much work done because you happen to feel so sleepy.
Ordinary insomnia normally happens only for a couple of days. But chronic insomnia can be for a longer period of time. If, you are suffering from chronic insomnia, you can consider it as a part of anxiety insomnia, because you are going to worry about how to get rid of this disorder. You are not going to relax and that is quite tantamount to make sure that you cannot go to sleep, At the same time, you’re forcing you mind not go to sleep by worrying about your insomnia! This is one case where mind over matter works perfectly.
Under such circumstances, the mind really cannot do anything worthwhile. An insomnia, which was supposedly short term, just because you spend one whole night worrying about some problem, is going to be repeated the next night, at exactly that same time. You’re going to go through the same exercise; you did throughout the previous night. If, you happen to repeat the same exercise the other next night also, you have had it.
The mind has already accustomed itself to waking up at that point of time and going through the whys and wherefores of some or the other problem. This is one of the major reasons of anxiety insomnia.

Symptoms of Severe Insomnia And Its treatment

Symptoms of Severe Insomnia And Its treatment

Many of us suffer from white nights. You don’t? Read it on and perhaps you are one of the patients.
This medical term denotes the condition when you cannot go to sleep, even when you happen to be as relaxed as snug or as a bug in your rug. This might be because you would be suffering from tension, anxiety about work, health, job security, family, business, or any other problem which causes anxiety.
Some people happen to be chronic. They are so much addicted to worrying that they worry at each and every thing.
But while extending this activity to the night, it makes them restless. Unknowingly, they start looking at the ceiling and being awake at night, thinking actively, instead of letting their mind relax and fearing about something which might not even happen. This sign suggests that such patients are on the track of being chronic insomniacs.
The symptoms of severe insomnia are related to complete inability to go off to sleep, at your regular sleeping time. Even if, you manage to doze off, you find be suddenly unconsciously waking up and then spending the next couple of hours, thinking mindlessly. Not even a glass of hot milk and honey can make you go to sleep again.
To make sure that you do not suffer from insomnia over and over again, you should have a light meal, at least two hours before you go off to sleep. Many of us have a very heavy dinner with the additional intake of plenty of alcohol and cheese during the night. Amazingly, we still manage to wonder why we cannot find it easy to go off to sleep. It is true that rich people, during regency times, had at least 8 course meals per day. But they also spent the rest of their time in dancing and exercising, at least during the party. This made them tired enough to deserve a sound sleep. So, if you do not go for a walk after dinner, you won’t be able to be tired enough to go to sleep.
Don’t eat while sitting in front of the idiot box. This is because this eating posture makes your stomach is slumped. The idea of eating at a dining table is made for sitting up straight, in a comfortable chair and slowly eating your food. Thus, TV dinners are one of the main causes of insomnia. As, in these dinners, the food is only gulped down the throat, in a slouched position. Going too soon to bed, right after eating a heavy dinner is tantamount to inviting indigestion and heartburn.
The older you get, you might find yourself, suffering from insomnia due to the changed sleeping patterns. You might not be able to sleep, in the required a restful manner and find yourself undergoing even more white nights. You will find it easier to wake up earlier in the morning, even though you feel sleepy, right from the evenings only.
If, you keep yourself both mentally and physically busy, it is very easy for you to go to sleep. This is what is known as healthy tiredness. However, if you happen to have plenty of leisure time and you also indulge in drinking more coffee and alcohol due to it, you are going to suffer from insomnia. These food items are conducive to assuring that you have had a complete white night. That is the reason why coffee is drunk; while you are completing a project which needs to be done now, and after some time, you can retire peacefully.
If, you suffer from chronic pain caused due to some disease like cancer, arthritis or even pain in the back, you will find it very difficult to go to sleep easily. The medications given for the alleviation of this pain are enough to keep awake.
If, you find difficulty because of depression and anxiety, you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible. He would then look at your symptoms and prescribe suitable therapies, so that you can find it easier to sleep. Some of the most popular behavioral therapies are related to changing your sleep patterns by practicing a required mode of behavior, which is more conducive to a good night’s rest.
Relaxing, listening to music, unwinding two hours before going to sleep, taking walks, exercises, having a hot bath, drinking hot milky drinks before you put to sleep are part and parcel of these behavioral treatments. Many doctors have decided that such treatments are more effective and beneficial that giving medication for sleep to their patients.
You can also take some prescribed sleeping drugs to induce sleep. But it would be better to get along without their help. As, many of these drugs cause dependency, even though they are taken in very small doses. Even after you have been cured of insomnia, you would want to take those drugs in order to go to sleep. Some of these prescribed medicines also have side effects like edema and allergy. You might also find yourself walking in your sleep, unconsciously, after you have taken these drugs! That is the reason why doctors do not advice you to take such drugs for more than a couple of days.

Tips To Help You Cope With Insomnia

Tips To Help You Cope With Insomnia

Insomnia is basically denotes the absence of sleep. In this condition, a person tries to fall asleep but is unable to do so. He may suffer from permanent insomnia or may encounter this situation quite frequently. There can be several reasons behind Insomnia. He can suffer it due to depression or anxiety. Insomnia can be cured easily at all ages.
There are home treatments and psychological treatments, which can help one cope up better with insomnia. I will give few vital tips that will help you get a better sleep, that too, every night.

Follow these tips to feel fresh every morning, you wake up.

1. Limit Sleep interruption

Suffering from Insomnia is a common problem. You might be able to sleep but due to various interruptions, you might have waking spells and restlessness. To ensure quality sleep, assure that you go to the wash room and ease yourself so that you can prevent the urge to pee, during late hours and also avoid the waking up. Keep the room temperature comfortable, so that you do not have to get up to adjust it. You must avoid interruptions, as much as possible, from your end so that you can peacefully sleep through entire night and feel fresh the next day.

2. Relax before going to sleep

Release all your tensions before getting to the bed. Try listening to soft music and relax yourself. You can even try reading an engaging book. I have seen many people falling asleep within 15 minutes of reading book. You might have a hot bath; it helps your muscles to relax and calms your body helping you to sleep in the right posture.

3. Avoid excess of caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant and it depresses your sleep. If, you consume caffeine before sleeping then you may find it difficult even to have a quick nap. It relaxes your muscles and releases the tension and hence, prepares your body to work more. So, if, you are going to bed, you must avoid taking caffeine, at least three hours before.

4. Maintaining fix routine

In order to have your mind working for the entire day, you must follow a fix routine. You should perform physical activity, so that your body gets tired and is drained off for energy during the night, so that you can lie in your bed and fall asleep.

5. Exercise regularly

Regular exercises and work out sessions keeps your body fit and fine. Also, you will feel fresh the entire day and you can carry all your basic activities in a better way. At the end of the day you would feel lethargic and tired and hence, can get a good night sleep.

6. Eating right

Having high calorie food during the night will energize you instead of letting you to sleep at night. If, you feel hungry at night, after returning from your job, try to fill your tummy with light snack or in order to fill your appetite. Your body does require energy during the night to perform activities like, digestion and absorption. But, at the same time, excessive food can make your body energetic. Also, your body would be unable to digest excess of sugars and carbohydrates during night that may also lead to lack of sleep.

7. Meditations

Medications should not be taken without prescriptions. At the same time, the medications which induce sleep should be avoided. If, any of your medicines do induce sleep, then schedule to take them before the sleeping time, so that you give proper rest to your body. Moreover, these medicines produce several side effects. If, you will take such medicines during the day time then you might sleep during the day and hence, would not feel tired and sleepy during actual hours of sleep. You must ensure that you do not take any pain killers or sleeping pills without the prescription and their continuous use may make your body ineffective to them.

8. Avoid trying to sleep

Let your body relax and sleep in a natural way. It is a psychological disorder; the more you try to sleep all the time, the more you find it difficult to do so. You must try to relax and lie on the bed avoiding any kind of deliberate tying process. Try to think about something good that happened during the day or listen to some light and soft music that may induce sleep. Try reading a book as it would help you to sleep and will also divert your mind from unnecessary things that keep on pestering you.

9. Limit you sleep time

Human body can relax and work efficiently after resting for 7 to 8 hours. You may be a house wife or might be in a working profession, but if, you try to overdose your body with sleep, then you are definitely sure to suffer from Insomnia. Because resting beyond the requisite amount will not let your body feel tired to fall asleep during the night. Hence, it would keep you up next day and spoil your entire schedule. Limiting your naps and getting up in time everyday will help you follow the time table and will also help you to get quality sleep every night.

10. Do not drink alcohol before sleeping

Try to avoid drinking alcohol before going off to sleep as it would not only save you from insomnia but also from the jeopardizing effects of sleep apnea.

Home Treatments To Fight Insomnia

Home Treatments To Fight Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most common diseases of today. Unfortunately, three out of every ten people suffer from it. It does not depend on gender or age differences. Anyone can suffer from insomnia. On the other hand, it’s the circumstances and the environment which play a very pivotal in casing and affecting the symptoms of insomnia.

You can turn insomniac because of some health problem and also because of any tension that has been bugging you for a very long time. The symptoms of insomnia are different from one person to other. Though, some of the regular symptoms are restlessness, irritation, and lack of concentration, lethargy and peevish sensation.
Whether it’s a young adult or a school going student, everyone suffers from this problem. Lately, this ailment has been getting very colloquial due to the cut throat competition which leads to stress, fear, self esteem and hunger for name, fame and affluence. Everyone wants perfection and all of us are engrossed in amassing it, which creates a lot of pressure. These needs and demands become so strong that one is not able to rest and further leads to sleeplessness, turning into insomnia.

In case, any of your family members or even you, suffers from insomnia, here are some of the potential ways of treatment and lessening the symptoms of insomnia. You do not need the doctor’s advice to follow these treatments as they are very reliable and genuine.

This disease is completely curable. Your age hardly matters.

Sticking to a fixed schedule:

It’s very important to maintain a regular schedule to fight from this disease. If you keep yourself busy the entire day, involve yourself into various activities, it’s quite natural that you will feel very tired and automatically sleep when you retire to your bed. But at the same time, do not over sleep as you might not be able to sleep the other night. So, have fixed hours of sleep and perform different activities in a specified slot. But at the same time, do not lay awake and think about what to do and what not to, when you need to sleep.

Limiting bed time:

Our brain and our body need at least, 6-7 years of sleep at a minimum. If you just sleep and do not involve yourself in other work, you might not feel tired and hence you might just be awake the entire night, thinking unnecessary thoughts. So, do not over indulge in sleeping when it comes to fighting insomnia.

Eating before bed time:

Doctors advise to take light food before going off to sleep. This is because; light food needs less time to digest and also provides fuel to the body for other activities. But heavy dinner might lead to several problems. Neither the body gets the time to oxidize neither the food nor the energy for doing so. Thus, do not eat very much during the nights.

Avoid trying very hard to sleep:

It’s quite natural that the more you feel like sleeping, the more you will be finding it difficult to sleep. So, try distracting your mind when you are not able to sleep. For example, try listening to your favorite your music or thinking about something which happened with you and mattered to you. Try thinking about what you would do the other day and what all you did today. For the book readers, reading a light novel is a good option.

Exercise and work out:

Physical exercise and regular work outs are the best ways to be healthy and fight from insomnia. Exercising everyday helps you to stretch your body and to keep it fit. Half an hour of exercise is recommended everyday, in order to keep your body in shape. Do not exercise before going to bed because it helps to raise the temperature of your body and your blood would start to flow at a greater speed making you energetic and fresh. So, performing exercise or vigorous activity, right before going to bed will certainly keep you awake. Try performing exercises in the morning and make sure to work out hard, so that you lose extra energy and hence, feel tired at the end of the day to get quality sleep.

Keep a check on your medications:

Medications must not be taken without prescriptions. The next thing that you should keep in mind is that the medications, which you take, do not induce sleep. Do not take them during the day time because you might end up over sleeping or hardly finding rest during the night. At the same time, do not pop sleeping pills a lot. As soon as the body gets used to the sleeping pills, their impact lessens and hence, they do not induce sleep. Rather, the sleep induced by them is very short lived, bustling with erratic waking spells. So, do not let your body get addicted to any kind of medication, especially those which make you feel drowsy.

Thus, by following these treatments, you will be able to fight insomnia and cure yourself. It may take time, but it will surely get erased.

Factors Promoting Insomnia

Factors Promoting Insomnia

Insomnia is basically a sleep disorder. There can be several reasons behind insomnia. Some of the prevalent reasons are mental stress, excitement, depression and health disorder. There is no particular age bar for this ailment. Right from a child to a very elderly person can suffer from insomnia. In this disease, the patient suffers from restlessness and is not able to have a good night sleep. This disease can cause further deterioration in the health and make the body vulnerable for other diseases as well.
The affect of insomnia is different on different people. Similarly, the symptoms also differ from person to person. The symptoms and the problems by one insomniac are very different from the other insomniac.
1. Difficultly in falling asleep. The person might just end up tossing and turning on his bed rather than falling asleep and this process would get further prolonged with each passing day.
2. Waking naps in between on the sleep. Some of these waking naps will be due to the peevish feeling and increase in erratic timings for urination. This condition gets worsened for those who are insomnia patients due to the excessive intake of alcohol.
3. Restless and tiredness. In spite of the drowsy feeling, the person is not able to sleep.
4. Irritation and lack of interest in any task, also aggravated by the absence of concentration.
5. Erratic mood swing and no interest in eating.
For those who are getting deluded that mere sleeplessness is insomnia, they are obviously very wrong, Insomnia is very different concept. At the same time, its not similar to the conditions in which your grandparents feel, due to excessive age. This is because of the changes in the sleeping patterns of elderly people.
Getting less sleep every passing day makes it very difficult to concentrate and also makes one lethargic. At the same time, you also get prone to other different health disorders which further worsen with time, if the panic button is not pressed.
So, there is a very big difference between insomnia and the sleep patterns of the elderly people.
Some of the factors which lead to insomnia are:
• Stress:
It is one of the major reasons to cause insomnia. Almost everyone suffers from it. Stress can be because of several reasons like job, family life, money, financial constraints, meetings etc. Even the little school kids suffer from stress sue to examinations and tests. At times, excessive boredom and even lying on the bed for a very long time can add to stress.
• Anxiety:
One of the other potential causes of insomnia is anxiety. Anxiety is basically caused when we think about anything for a very long time, on and on, at times, because of the fear of it. This makes the mind active and does not let sleep to set in. slowly and slowly it becomes a very regular affair.
• Depression:
This is caused to the lack of the acceptance of the actual reality for any person, who till, now was oblivious to any important factor is shocked by the abrupt outcome of any disheartening situation. Two things can happen in depression; either the person sleeps a lot or turns to be an insomniac. Whichever of them might occur, the result is always traumatizing.
• Stimulants:
There are several medications like corticosteroids and tablets for high blood pressure etc which can reduce the sleep content of an individual. These might end up suppressing the release of several hormones which make the body calm and relaxed, further worsening the conditions. At times, these drugs might also cause urinary infections and cause several side effects which are very detrimental. In some cases, the patient might feel very peevish in spite of falling asleep and thus, it might cause severe waking spells for him.
• Change in work and environment patterns:
This holds true for anyone, whose body has already adjusted to one particular studying or working environment and time. For example, a student who studies late night will obviously feel sleepy and tired during the early hours of the morning. But in the same manner, if he is not able to sleep due to classes being held at the morning, he might not be able to adjust to the sudden change in the studying hours. The same goes for the change in working environment. Someone who has worked for years with the time schedule of London, might find it very difficult to change and switch to the mode of living of San Francisco.
• Intake of sleeping pills:
This is a warning for all those who gulp sleeping pills to have a peaceful slumber as they do not know how short lived and dangerous their action is. As soon as the body gets used to the sleeping pills, they lose their function and impact.
• Health problems:
Health ailments like arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathies etc cause severe pain due to which the patient might not be able to have sound sleep.
• Eating more and eating late:
Not only the body gets less time for the initiation of the oxidation process, if one eats late but the body also lacks fuel to start on with the process, if the patient eats more.
Thus, these are the factors which promote insomnia.

Possible Causes Of Sleep Apnea

sleep apnea

If someone in your family gets up, at erratic timings, from deep sleep, due to lack of oxygen in his air passage, it’s high time to know that he suffers from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is basically a disorder, which makes you wake up during the night, anywhere between 10 to 300 times, because abrupt stoppage in breathing for about 10 seconds. It’s as dangerous as it sounds.
A good night’s sleep is what everybody actually craves for. Moreover, this hard earned sleep should be uninterrupted and undisturbed for at least eight to 10 hours for a normal and healthy human being.
However, there are plenty of sleep disorder which do not let this happen. One of the dreadful ones is sleep apnea. In this ailment, one feels extremely drowsy throughout the day, and there might be a chance of him, delving into sleep during the day. The mere reason is sleep deprivation.
But unfortunately, when their eyes close and the mind sleeps, sudden halt jolts them out of their slumber. This sudden jolt, as called as sleep apnea is because of several potential causes.
Some of them are mentioned below.
• Excessive weight gain: Many people, who happen to be overweight, might suffer from sleep apnea. One of the reasons is that it is not very comfortable for an overweight person to sleep on his side. Thus, he prefers lying upon his back and that’s the posture which makes it is very easy for his air passage to get blocked for about 10 seconds. So, it is important for you to lose the excess fat, to cure sleep apnea.
• Heavy dinners and alcohol: well, these two are the ultimate favorites of so many of us. But we do not think about the after effects of such grand partying. Unconsciously, when we go off to sleep, we often lay on our backs and it might lead to the blocking of the air passage for a few seconds. Unfortunately, no one knows about it. At the same time, if one undergoes this blockage, he hardly knows that the cause is sleep apnea. At the same time, intake of excessive alcohol leads to narrowing of the air passage. Thus, it’s not advisable to intake heavy dinners and excessive alcohol on a very frequent level.
• Wrong posture: Do not sleep on your back and prefer twisting on your side. Your posture matters a lot when you sleep.
• Usage of sleep tranquilizers: Often the body gets addicted to them, wiping out chances of peaceful sleep.
Here are some precautions and treatments which you can use for the cure of sleep apnea.
• CPAP is a medical device which aids in free breathing while sleep. But you need to get accustomed to the device, as it’s initially you might find it quite odd wearing it off and dozing.
•  Due to this regular occurrence during the night, it is really impossible for the people who suffer from sleep apnea to sleep peacefully. At the same time, they might also suffer from cardiac arrest due to the pressure upon the heart. The lack of oxygen can also cause hemorrhage or a stroke. This is why sleep apnea needs to be treated, as soon as the symptoms are recognized and the major causes are simultaneously pinpointed and medication taken to cure it.
• If you have a separate deformity in the bone of the jaw or there are enlarged tissues in your mouth, nose or your throat, they might be the potential reasons of the blockage in the air passage. In this case also, you need a surgery to cure sleep apnea.
• If you drink alcohol, you must know that it normally affects the area, which controls the breathing mechanism, present in the brain. So, as the breathing muscles get relaxed, with the intake of alcohol, the narrowing of the air passages takes place and thus, causes sleep apnea.

Cure And Remedies For Sleep Apnea

sleep apnea

Do you wake up from sleep grasping for breath? Is the oxygen supply to your lungs hardly satisfactory? Well, if your answer is yes, there are chances that you might be suffering from sleep apnea. So, what is sleep apnea?

Well, this is basically a condition in which the oxygen passage to the lungs gets obstructed when the patient sleeps, while laying on his back. That’s why, one of the colloquial and much prescribed advice to treat sleep apnea is to have a sound sleep, devoid of tensions and restlessness. This can be done only when you are not suffering from any pressure. Until and unless you do not sleep in a sound manner, your muscles would not know how to relax and sleep, causing the obstruction. This can be done by the flow of continuous air across the airway.

The air passage can be kept open, even during the time you sleep, by using some dental devices that help in regular breathing. The other options for treatment are medicines and surgery. There are other treatments also which assure that the drowsiness of the day time due to the lack of proper sleep and snoring etc get alleviated, along with the other side effects like higher blood pressure.

On the other hand, there are other treatments which are decided by the doctors on the basis of the severity of the problems.

• Surgery, no doubt, is the last resort. This is done when the muscle growth has blocked the air passage and it can be easily removed, only through surgical treatment. Though, the doctor initiates by various applications which can change the life style of the patient and also uses several pressure applications for the clearing of the air passage. For example, those who are suffering from rhinitis and sinusitis are needed to use sprays to reduce the inflammations in their nasal passages, which cause problems in the airway.

• In case, the patient suffers from hyperthyroidism, he might have to take several other medications also. Enlarged tonsils and adenoids can also cause sleep apnea. These are majorly caused in children. Eventually, surgery is carried on to remove the tonsils.

• At times, excess of weight gain might also cause sleep apnea. Research reveals that the weight gain is directly proportional to the number of times; one gets up during the night time, amid the sleeping hours. Thus, for those who have more weight, it’s advised to lose weight, so that the symptoms of sleep apnea can be cured.

• It’s very important to strictly adhere to one sleeping pattern rather than following a very erratic schedule of working. Regularity and discipline should be maintained with the sleeping patterns.

• It’s easier to sleep while resting on the sides. This is because, this placement makes it easier for the lungs to force the air out, in case, and you are sleeping on the right side. In case, you suffer from sleep apnea, even of the mildest form, just make sure that you never sleep, while resting on your back. If that sounds impossible for you, you can follow a simple advice. Stitch a pocket behind your back and hold a book on it. The moment you rest on your back, you are definitely going to feel very uncomfortable and problem is solved. After all, you are not allowing the book to nudge your spinal cord, are you?

• If you do not crave for a disturbed night, do not drink coffee or alcohol before going to sleep. At the same time, strictly avoid sleeping pills and other sedatives as they might end up aggravating the symptoms of sleep apnea. Viagra is another unfortunate disease for sleep apnea. In case, you are a heavy chain smoker, the tobacco nicotine will definitely narrow and collapse the air passage. Leave about sleeping at night, you might find it difficult even to breathe. This is the very basic reason that those who smoke or drink before getting to bed, cannot have a refreshing slumber.

• Here comes a bit of arithmetic. In case, you increase the height of your bed by 15 cm, you would be sleeping at an angle of 80 to 85 degrees. Thus, you are not slumbering at 90 degrees on your bed. Do not use pillows to adjust the height as it might create problems for the cervical area.

• Even if you suffer from the very mildest of sleep apnea, you need to get very serious even if you suffer from slightest cold. You can also use nasal strips to improve the flow of air, as it basically widens the nostrils. But at the same time, they are mere supporters and not basic treatments.

The treatments for sleep apnea include CPAP a breathing device, which assures that your nasal passage and airways are not blocked even if you are fast asleep. These types of devices have been used for the curing of mild and serious forms of sleep apnea. But at the same time, they might be quite suffocating for some people, who are not used to wearing masks during sleep.
Thus, the best option is to consult the doctor and bestow relief to yourself.

Why a Rested Body Equals a Rested Mind (and a Better Life)

Why a Rested Body Equals a Rested Mind

How well rested would you say your body is right now? What about you mind? It’s just a plain and simple fact that some people get a lot more quality sleep than others, and you may be one of the unlucky who don’t get as much as their bodies and minds really need.

Did you know there are five key areas of your life that you can improve immediately just by improving your sleep habits? Just by including more sounder, restorative sleep in your daily life, you can expect these benefits:

  • Enhanced concentration
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased physical energy
  • New found enthusiasm for life
  • A clearer mind which in turn makes better decisions

All of these things are wonderful, true pleasures which increase your quality of life and make the world a more enjoyable place to be.

The ability to concentrate and work efficiently at a high level of productivity will lead to greater achievements in your career. You will enjoy higher salaries, more respect from your bosses and coworkers, and will take more pride in what you do for a living.

Research shows that those who get less sleep have less enthusiasm for work and are less productive. Clearly, the ability to focus and be productive is a huge benefit that comes to those who get more sleep and higher quality sleep.

The same thing goes for the physical pleasures of getting adequate amounts of rest. You feel more enthusiastic toward life and have tons of energy to get through daily activities. Everything from exercise to going out with friends for a night of dancing seems more enjoyable.

How To Enjoy Great Sleep

So, how do you get all of these pleasures for your own life? Just saying you need to go bed earlier is a little too simple. There are many factors that could be affecting the quality of your sleep and how much sleep you get. Some factors include:

  • Health problems
  • Body aches and pains
  • Lack of comfort
  • Environmental factors
  • Mattress & pillow quality
  • Emotional stress or worry

With so many things that could get in the way of your sleep, it’s no wonder so many people aren’t enjoying their lives to the fullest.

The good news is there are some things you can do to bring restorative sleep and all of its benefits back into your life.

Setting Up Your Sleeping Environment

You may not be able to control how big your bedroom is or how much money you have to spend on a bed and bedding, but you do  have control over the environment in which you sleep. Here are some tips that will help you create a sleeping space conducive to restorative, high quality sleep:

  • Get rid of clutter so you have a very clean, nice space that makes you feel comfortable and safe.
  • Make sure the temperature in the room is comfortable so you aren’t sweating into the sheets or waking up freezing.
  • Get rid of the television and other distractions that interfere with high quality sleep.
  • Make sure all bedding is comfortable, clean, and appropriate to the climate and season.
  • Wear comfortable night attire that doesn’t pull or tighten on the body when you move around.

You are basically eliminating anything that could possibly wake you up and ruin a perfectly good night of sleep along with things that could make you feel uncomfortable and unable to fall asleep.

Selecting Your Bed & Pillows

The bed that you are resting your body on and the pillows that you lay your head into are just as important as the environment set up for sleeping.

There is nothing like sinking down into a pillow top mattress that is firm enough to support the body yet soft and comforting, or like snuggling your head into a pillow that is plush and soft yet supportive enough to keep the head and neck comfortable.

For most people, memory foam mattresses are going to deliver this type of comfort and support. There are memory foam beds put out by every major mattress manufacturer as well as high quality memory foam toppers and pads for those who can’t afford to completely replace an older bed. You can also find high quality memory foam pillows designed to comfort and support.

Even better than memory foam is latex foam, but you will have to pay a bit more to bring home a bed with a solid latex core. You can of course find latex toppers and pads to transform an older mattress overnight.

So remember- do whatever you can to increase the quality of your sleep, and watch as every other aspect of your life improve right along with it.

Happy Sleeping!!

Sleep better How to optimize your sleep properly


Almost everyone is familiar with sleep disorders or problems finding rest in bed at late hours. Many even struggle with sleep disorders on a regular basis and wonder how they can be remedied.

As a rule, such sleep problems are due to your own misconduct or can even be found directly in the bedroom itself.

The wrong sleep system – The most common cause of restless sleep

An unbalanced and restless sleep often stems from the fact that the sleep system has not been optimally adapted to the demands of the body. In this case, the sleep system is understood to mean the slatted frame and the mattress, which depend on the body stature and lying position.

You, therefore, need a mattress and a  slatted frame that match the conditions of your own body. This also includes weight and height or possible health problems. The mattress must not be too soft but not too hard and must provide sufficient support for the spine. Otherwise, there is a risk of back pain or tension unconsciously at night. Even the pillow is relevant in this regard. Because belly sleepers, for example, need a different pillow than back sleepers.

Anyone suffering from sleep problems should therefore first check whether the sleep system actually meets their own requirements. You are sometimes well advised to purchase a sleeping system that is tailored to your needs. Although they are often more expensive than conventional slatted frames and mattresses, the investment is worthwhile – especially about your own health and sleeping comfort.

Milk, tea, salts or alcohol to help you fall asleep?

Those who cannot fall asleep often make use of known home remedies or natural sleep remedies. This includes, for example, the well-known glass of warm milk with honey that wants to work miracles before bedtime. Although it is not scientifically proven, a glass of milk with honey can actually help. The popular mixture saturates and relaxes and helps to calm down more quickly.

Special “good night” teas with natural ingredients such as valerian, hops, and angelica are now also available and are intended to help the body switch off more quickly. Here too, the effect varies from person to person. Such teas can help, but the effect does not necessarily have to set in. The situation is similar to the so-called Schüssler salts, which are available in the pharmacy as a natural sleep aid and supply the body with vital substances.

Alcohol is also a good night drink, at least in the opinion of many sleep disorders. A glass of wine or beer before the rest phase should help quickly and effectively. Basically, this is also true, but alcohol is also associated with some side effects. You fall into a rather restless sleep and wake up more often. This does not help the body to recover very much. So alcohol in this particular case is actually not a solution and can even make the problem worse.

Relaxation before going to bed

To find peace of mind, it is important that you take enough time to switch off before going to bed. Leave the stress of the day behind, as such thoughts only make it unnecessarily difficult to fall asleep.

A good book will help keep you distracted. However, you should not read directly in bed and choose reading material that does not irritate the nerves unnecessarily. A crime or horror novel is, therefore, less recommendable. Some people also find it extremely relaxing to insert an audiobook before going to sleep and to have a kind of “good night story” read out to them – as it used to be in childhood.

If falling asleep is still difficult afterward, well-known relaxation exercises such as “counting sheep” can also lead to success. The best way to test such autogenic exercises is to try them out during the day before sleeping. For example, if you concentrate too much on “counting the sheep”, you are more likely to be unable to fall asleep than to simplify the process.  

Sport as an important balance

Exercise is not only important for a better body feeling, but exercise can also help with possible sleep disorders. For example, if you work all day on a PC or sitting in the office and spend the evening comfortably in front of the television, you are physically under-challenged. That makes it twice as difficult to switch off properly at night.

Sporty people who can not afford a visit to the gym are therefore well advised to plan at least a walk or a small bike tour early in the evening to spend time in the fresh air and to exercise the body.

However, be careful if sport or exercise is performed late in the evening. The body then needs some time to calm down. Those who train shortly before going to bed will find it even more difficult to fall asleep.

Vitamin D deficiency causes sleep disorders

It is often underestimated how a possible vitamin D deficiency is involved in sleep disorders. 90 percent of vitamin D is produced on the skin under the influence of the sun. Especially if you rarely expose yourself to the sun, it is quite possible that you suffer from a lack of vital substances.

Vitamin D deficiency is often accompanied by other symptoms, such as listlessness or headaches and body aches. A blood test at the family doctor can help and clarify whether your sleep disorders are also due to the lack of vitamins.

The indoor climate

If you sleep too cold or too warm, you are left behind. Studies have now shown that the optimal room temperature in the bedroom should be around 18 Gad. Those who prefer cooler temperatures, on the other hand, risk that the body has to struggle with muscle tension or, among other things, have to put up with restless sleep. Of course, this also applies if you turn up the heating in winter and sweat at night.

You can also have a positive influence on the indoor climate by using natural room fragrances or oils that help you fall asleep and relax. The mode of action of stone pine is particularly worth mentioning here. Stone pine furniture makes a significant contribution to better indoor air. Special Swiss pine room fragrance systems are also available that release the essential oils of the wood. Allergy sufferers also benefit from this.


Sleep problems can have many different causes. It is important to find them as quickly as possible because restless sleep puts an enormous strain on your body and can also affect your psyche. Above all, the sleep system should be checked, but also factors such as a possible lack of vital substances or misconduct before going to bed should not be neglected. In this way, you succeed in exposing the disruptive factors and working on them.
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Narcolepsy In Children – Causes – Symptoms – Effective Treatments


There are many people think that narcolepsy rarely happens in children, however, the following figures can shock you. The number of children suffers from narcolepsy is very common and even a 3 year old kid can suffer from this serious problem. So how can you recognize the problem from kids soon and what are the effective treatments for this problem? You will find the answer here.

Symptoms of narcolepsy in children

There are not many differences between the symptoms of kids and adults who suffer from narcolepsy. There are still four distinctive symptoms: excessive daytime sleepiness, cataplexy, sleep paralysis and Hypnagogic hallucinations. However, the last three symptoms don’t always happen in all cases. You will notice that the kid suffers from EDS even heavier in adults. If you notice that your kids sleep a lot, don’t yell at them yet. It could be a sign of narcolepsy, a serious sleep disorder. You can read more about the symptoms of narcolepsy here. (for adults but similar to children case).

What can be the impacts of narcolepsy on children?

Children with narcolepsy will usually find it hard to concentrate on learning, curb the development of a cognitive function. That’s why their studying results will be not as good as they and their parents expected. If not treated soon and properly, narcolepsy can cause serious outcomes for the kids. Low studying result may cause low self-esteem, which leads to problems in social life, relationships and a lot of derivatives issues. In addition, narcolepsy can cause ADHD.

What are the treatments for narcolepsy in children?

The treatment for narcolepsy in children is not very different from what we do for adult sufferers. However, in kids, scheduling daytime short naps can be effective in coping with narcolepsy. The naps should be scheduled at moments when the children feel sleepiest. Also, improve night time sleep is another good way to deal with narcolepsy. Other treatments of narcolepsy can be found here.


It’s always good to identify the problem soon and find effective treatment. When you notice that your kids have symptoms of narcolepsy (in most cases the EDS), you should bring them to the doctor soon. Remember home remedies may not be the effective answer and if not treated, the outcomes can be serious as mentioned above.
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