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Sleep better How to optimize your sleep properly


Almost everyone is familiar with sleep disorders or problems finding rest in bed at late hours. Many even struggle with sleep disorders on a regular basis and wonder how they can be remedied.

As a rule, such sleep problems are due to your own misconduct or can even be found directly in the bedroom itself.

The wrong sleep system – The most common cause of restless sleep

An unbalanced and restless sleep often stems from the fact that the sleep system has not been optimally adapted to the demands of the body. In this case, the sleep system is understood to mean the slatted frame and the mattress, which depend on the body stature and lying position.

You, therefore, need a mattress and a  slatted frame that match the conditions of your own body. This also includes weight and height or possible health problems. The mattress must not be too soft but not too hard and must provide sufficient support for the spine. Otherwise, there is a risk of back pain or tension unconsciously at night. Even the pillow is relevant in this regard. Because belly sleepers, for example, need a different pillow than back sleepers.

Anyone suffering from sleep problems should therefore first check whether the sleep system actually meets their own requirements. You are sometimes well advised to purchase a sleeping system that is tailored to your needs. Although they are often more expensive than conventional slatted frames and mattresses, the investment is worthwhile – especially about your own health and sleeping comfort.

Milk, tea, salts or alcohol to help you fall asleep?

Those who cannot fall asleep often make use of known home remedies or natural sleep remedies. This includes, for example, the well-known glass of warm milk with honey that wants to work miracles before bedtime. Although it is not scientifically proven, a glass of milk with honey can actually help. The popular mixture saturates and relaxes and helps to calm down more quickly.

Special “good night” teas with natural ingredients such as valerian, hops, and angelica are now also available and are intended to help the body switch off more quickly. Here too, the effect varies from person to person. Such teas can help, but the effect does not necessarily have to set in. The situation is similar to the so-called Schüssler salts, which are available in the pharmacy as a natural sleep aid and supply the body with vital substances.

Alcohol is also a good night drink, at least in the opinion of many sleep disorders. A glass of wine or beer before the rest phase should help quickly and effectively. Basically, this is also true, but alcohol is also associated with some side effects. You fall into a rather restless sleep and wake up more often. This does not help the body to recover very much. So alcohol in this particular case is actually not a solution and can even make the problem worse.

Relaxation before going to bed

To find peace of mind, it is important that you take enough time to switch off before going to bed. Leave the stress of the day behind, as such thoughts only make it unnecessarily difficult to fall asleep.

A good book will help keep you distracted. However, you should not read directly in bed and choose reading material that does not irritate the nerves unnecessarily. A crime or horror novel is, therefore, less recommendable. Some people also find it extremely relaxing to insert an audiobook before going to sleep and to have a kind of “good night story” read out to them – as it used to be in childhood.

If falling asleep is still difficult afterward, well-known relaxation exercises such as “counting sheep” can also lead to success. The best way to test such autogenic exercises is to try them out during the day before sleeping. For example, if you concentrate too much on “counting the sheep”, you are more likely to be unable to fall asleep than to simplify the process.  

Sport as an important balance

Exercise is not only important for a better body feeling, but exercise can also help with possible sleep disorders. For example, if you work all day on a PC or sitting in the office and spend the evening comfortably in front of the television, you are physically under-challenged. That makes it twice as difficult to switch off properly at night.

Sporty people who can not afford a visit to the gym are therefore well advised to plan at least a walk or a small bike tour early in the evening to spend time in the fresh air and to exercise the body.

However, be careful if sport or exercise is performed late in the evening. The body then needs some time to calm down. Those who train shortly before going to bed will find it even more difficult to fall asleep.

Vitamin D deficiency causes sleep disorders

It is often underestimated how a possible vitamin D deficiency is involved in sleep disorders. 90 percent of vitamin D is produced on the skin under the influence of the sun. Especially if you rarely expose yourself to the sun, it is quite possible that you suffer from a lack of vital substances.

Vitamin D deficiency is often accompanied by other symptoms, such as listlessness or headaches and body aches. A blood test at the family doctor can help and clarify whether your sleep disorders are also due to the lack of vitamins.

The indoor climate

If you sleep too cold or too warm, you are left behind. Studies have now shown that the optimal room temperature in the bedroom should be around 18 Gad. Those who prefer cooler temperatures, on the other hand, risk that the body has to struggle with muscle tension or, among other things, have to put up with restless sleep. Of course, this also applies if you turn up the heating in winter and sweat at night.

You can also have a positive influence on the indoor climate by using natural room fragrances or oils that help you fall asleep and relax. The mode of action of stone pine is particularly worth mentioning here. Stone pine furniture makes a significant contribution to better indoor air. Special Swiss pine room fragrance systems are also available that release the essential oils of the wood. Allergy sufferers also benefit from this.


Sleep problems can have many different causes. It is important to find them as quickly as possible because restless sleep puts an enormous strain on your body and can also affect your psyche. Above all, the sleep system should be checked, but also factors such as a possible lack of vital substances or misconduct before going to bed should not be neglected. In this way, you succeed in exposing the disruptive factors and working on them.
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