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Tips To sleep better

Knowing the secret to sleep well is truly invaluable to all of us. Let’s not ask a man who sleeps well the value of a good sleep but let ask the person who suffers from insomnia what will he/she trade for a long, deep sleep, you will see the true value of a good sleep.

There are a lot of reasons why you cannot sleep well. It’s recommended for you to go to meet your doctor to discover what the real cause is. However, there are some common things that work for many people and they somehow will work to help you have a better sleep. Apply these simple tips listed below and see how your sleep quality improves over a short period.

1. Don’t eat an enormous dinner

In many places in the world, people still think that dinner is one of the two main meals of the day (including lunch and dinner). That’s why many people keep eating a lot in the evening. This is actually not good. As you eat a lot of things, the stomach will have extra work to do and it cannot rest when its jobs are not done. As a result, you will find it’s very hard to sleep while the stomach still working. Eat a small meal with light food in the evening will help you sleep better.

2. Create a good sleeping environment

The room you are sleeping in plays a very important part in the quality of your sleep. Make sure there is no noise and no light can leak into your room. Keep the room clean and fresh is another good way to have a better sleep. Generally, you must feel comfortable when you lie on the bed and start sleeping.

3. Don’t break the rules

I know a lot of people go to bed and get up very late in the weekend as they think they deserve a treat. This is not as good as it breaks your sleeping clock. It’s best to go to bed and wake up at the same time of every day, no matter you are on a holiday or a special event or not. Keep a regular sleep schedule will help you get into sleep faster and don’t feel sleepy or tired when you wake up in the morning.

4. Don’t stay in bed if you cannot sleep

When getting into sleep gets hard, you don’t need to force yourself to stay on the bed. In this case, you need to wake up, do something until you feel sleepy again and want to get back to sleep. However, don’t do anything too active such as jumping, running. Instead, take a book and read it. I don’t know about you but I will feel sleepy after looking at a book for a few minutes.

5. Listen to some music

Sometimes, music can be a great solution for a sleepless night. I usually play some soft ballads when I feel it hard to sleep. Following the lyrics as the music played and you will fall into sleep without noticing it.

6. Don’t do exercises before going to bed

Exercising is good for your health but it’s not a good idea to do anything hyperactive before going to bed for about 4 hours. When the night comes, all your organs know begin to rest. However, if you exercise too actively, they will be woken up and it could be hard to put them to the idle status again. Instead, some simple walking to inhale some fresh air is good for your sleep.

7. Don’t use your bed for another purpose

I see this mistake from many people. They have a lot of things on their bed, from popcorns, books to laptops… People won’t take full advantage of some free time the have before going to bed. When you have a lot of things on your bed, you distract your body from what it needs to do (i.e. sleeping).

8. Don’t go to bed with an empty stomach

Go to bed with a full stomach is a bad idea but an empty stomach will not help you sleep well. Some snacks and a cup of milk could be ideal for you to cool down the stomach and have a good night’s sleep.

Apply these tips will somehow help you sleep better. In many cases, people will see the improvement of their sleeping quality after a week following the guidelines listed above. However, if you don’t see any positive results, consider having an appointment with your doctor to discover what are the real causes of your problem.