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Tips To Help You Cope With Insomnia

Tips To Help You Cope With Insomnia

Insomnia is basically denotes the absence of sleep. In this condition, a person tries to fall asleep but is unable to do so. He may suffer from permanent insomnia or may encounter this situation quite frequently. There can be several reasons behind Insomnia. He can suffer it due to depression or anxiety. Insomnia can be cured easily at all ages.
There are home treatments and psychological treatments, which can help one cope up better with insomnia. I will give few vital tips that will help you get a better sleep, that too, every night.

Follow these tips to feel fresh every morning, you wake up.

1. Limit Sleep interruption

Suffering from Insomnia is a common problem. You might be able to sleep but due to various interruptions, you might have waking spells and restlessness. To ensure quality sleep, assure that you go to the wash room and ease yourself so that you can prevent the urge to pee, during late hours and also avoid the waking up. Keep the room temperature comfortable, so that you do not have to get up to adjust it. You must avoid interruptions, as much as possible, from your end so that you can peacefully sleep through entire night and feel fresh the next day.

2. Relax before going to sleep

Release all your tensions before getting to the bed. Try listening to soft music and relax yourself. You can even try reading an engaging book. I have seen many people falling asleep within 15 minutes of reading book. You might have a hot bath; it helps your muscles to relax and calms your body helping you to sleep in the right posture.

3. Avoid excess of caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant and it depresses your sleep. If, you consume caffeine before sleeping then you may find it difficult even to have a quick nap. It relaxes your muscles and releases the tension and hence, prepares your body to work more. So, if, you are going to bed, you must avoid taking caffeine, at least three hours before.

4. Maintaining fix routine

In order to have your mind working for the entire day, you must follow a fix routine. You should perform physical activity, so that your body gets tired and is drained off for energy during the night, so that you can lie in your bed and fall asleep.

5. Exercise regularly

Regular exercises and work out sessions keeps your body fit and fine. Also, you will feel fresh the entire day and you can carry all your basic activities in a better way. At the end of the day you would feel lethargic and tired and hence, can get a good night sleep.

6. Eating right

Having high calorie food during the night will energize you instead of letting you to sleep at night. If, you feel hungry at night, after returning from your job, try to fill your tummy with light snack or in order to fill your appetite. Your body does require energy during the night to perform activities like, digestion and absorption. But, at the same time, excessive food can make your body energetic. Also, your body would be unable to digest excess of sugars and carbohydrates during night that may also lead to lack of sleep.

7. Meditations

Medications should not be taken without prescriptions. At the same time, the medications which induce sleep should be avoided. If, any of your medicines do induce sleep, then schedule to take them before the sleeping time, so that you give proper rest to your body. Moreover, these medicines produce several side effects. If, you will take such medicines during the day time then you might sleep during the day and hence, would not feel tired and sleepy during actual hours of sleep. You must ensure that you do not take any pain killers or sleeping pills without the prescription and their continuous use may make your body ineffective to them.

8. Avoid trying to sleep

Let your body relax and sleep in a natural way. It is a psychological disorder; the more you try to sleep all the time, the more you find it difficult to do so. You must try to relax and lie on the bed avoiding any kind of deliberate tying process. Try to think about something good that happened during the day or listen to some light and soft music that may induce sleep. Try reading a book as it would help you to sleep and will also divert your mind from unnecessary things that keep on pestering you.

9. Limit you sleep time

Human body can relax and work efficiently after resting for 7 to 8 hours. You may be a house wife or might be in a working profession, but if, you try to overdose your body with sleep, then you are definitely sure to suffer from Insomnia. Because resting beyond the requisite amount will not let your body feel tired to fall asleep during the night. Hence, it would keep you up next day and spoil your entire schedule. Limiting your naps and getting up in time everyday will help you follow the time table and will also help you to get quality sleep every night.

10. Do not drink alcohol before sleeping

Try to avoid drinking alcohol before going off to sleep as it would not only save you from insomnia but also from the jeopardizing effects of sleep apnea.


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