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Ways To Fall Asleep Fast Naturally


Know how to fall asleep fast is one of the most precious things that people who have a problem with their sleep finding like crazy. Having good, deep sleep means a lot of things to all of us. Imagine you are not able to fall asleep fast, instead, you spend all night looking at the ceiling and wish some magic happens to bring you into a sleeping state. Sound similar? I know this as I was there. I’ve tried many methods just to fall asleep faster. And guess what, it’s not hard to achieve that result. There is one thing you need is patience. The results don’t come overnight. You need to stick to the guide at least for a week. OK, enough for chit chat, I will show you some very nice tips to fall asleep easily right below.

1. Know the causes of your sleeplessness first

All of us suffer from sleeplessness (insomnia), but not all of us have the same causes. In fact, there are a lot of causes of sleeplessness. Stress, anxiety can cause insomnia. Side effects of drugs you use can cause insomnia and even your diet can cause insomnia. With that said, you need to spend some time to find what are the causes of your current situation. Different causes need different approaches and treatments.

2. Soft music can help a lot.

A few months ago, while I was suffering from insomnia heavily and I couldn’t get into sleep even after 1 hour I put my back on the bed, soft music helped me a lot. I timed the player for around 1 hour and turn the Mozart orchestras on. I love classical music, you know. After that, I follow the rhythm of the music and I fall into sleep without even knowing when. Listening to soft music will eliminate all other thoughts, almost negative. There is one thing I recommend you is don’t plug the small headphone that plugs directly into your ears. You can hurt your ears by doing so. Using your computer with big speakers is ideal.

3. Pay attention to your sleeping environment

Do you know that your bedroom plays a very important in your sleep? A clean, fresh bedroom will help you fall asleep faster than a smelly room. In addition, try to eliminate all types of lights, they can cause distractions. However, if you are someone like me, who can’t sleep without lights, use a dim light bulb will help you sleep easier. Last note about your sleeping environment, don’t listen to TV, radio when you are trying to sleep. If you have a roommate that usually watches TV at night, don’t hesitate and talk to him/her about your condition and ask him/her to turn off the noise-maker.

4. Keep dinner time away from bedtime.

When you are going to sleep, all organs in your body are supposed to rest. However, if you eat dinner too close to bedtime, your stomach must work to digest the food. That’s the reason why you cannot easily get into sleep after having a big meal. The advice here for you is don’t eat anything at least 3 hours before bedtime. In addition, consider eating less in the dinner. Researches showed that having an enormous dinner will not only bring bad effects on your sleep but also your beauty and health overall.

5. Don’t ever drink tea or coffee before going to bed

I love coffee but also highly sensitive to this drink. If I drink a small cup of coffee even at 7pm, I cannot sleep that night. Tea and coffee maybe beneficial to your health if you drink at another time. However, if you get them too close to bedtime, you can find no way to fall asleep. Try to resist a temptation to drink a warm cup of tea and coffee, you can do it later in the morning.

6. Exercises will help you fall asleep faster, but beware…

Having regular exercise will help you have a better sleep because your overall health will be improved. What you need to do is very simple. Only spend from 20 to 30 minutes every day to do some stretches, jogging is enough. However, don’t be too enthusiastic to exercise before bedtime. At the point your are about to go to bed, all the organs are ready to rest, if you exercise too much, you will wake them up and it will cost more time to tell them: ”hey, it’s bedtime”.

Those above tips if done right will help you get to sleep quickly. However, as I said at the beginning of the post, don’t expect the result to come instantly. You will need to stick to them for around a week to see the improvement in your sleep.


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