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Why a Rested Body Equals a Rested Mind (and a Better Life)

Why a Rested Body Equals a Rested Mind

How well rested would you say your body is right now? What about you mind? It’s just a plain and simple fact that some people get a lot more quality sleep than others, and you may be one of the unlucky who don’t get as much as their bodies and minds really need.

Did you know there are five key areas of your life that you can improve immediately just by improving your sleep habits? Just by including more sounder, restorative sleep in your daily life, you can expect these benefits:

  • Enhanced concentration
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased physical energy
  • New found enthusiasm for life
  • A clearer mind which in turn makes better decisions

All of these things are wonderful, true pleasures which increase your quality of life and make the world a more enjoyable place to be.

The ability to concentrate and work efficiently at a high level of productivity will lead to greater achievements in your career. You will enjoy higher salaries, more respect from your bosses and coworkers, and will take more pride in what you do for a living.

Research shows that those who get less sleep have less enthusiasm for work and are less productive. Clearly, the ability to focus and be productive is a huge benefit that comes to those who get more sleep and higher quality sleep.

The same thing goes for the physical pleasures of getting adequate amounts of rest. You feel more enthusiastic toward life and have tons of energy to get through daily activities. Everything from exercise to going out with friends for a night of dancing seems more enjoyable.

How To Enjoy Great Sleep

So, how do you get all of these pleasures for your own life? Just saying you need to go bed earlier is a little too simple. There are many factors that could be affecting the quality of your sleep and how much sleep you get. Some factors include:

  • Health problems
  • Body aches and pains
  • Lack of comfort
  • Environmental factors
  • Mattress & pillow quality
  • Emotional stress or worry

With so many things that could get in the way of your sleep, it’s no wonder so many people aren’t enjoying their lives to the fullest.

The good news is there are some things you can do to bring restorative sleep and all of its benefits back into your life.

Setting Up Your Sleeping Environment

You may not be able to control how big your bedroom is or how much money you have to spend on a bed and bedding, but you do  have control over the environment in which you sleep. Here are some tips that will help you create a sleeping space conducive to restorative, high quality sleep:

  • Get rid of clutter so you have a very clean, nice space that makes you feel comfortable and safe.
  • Make sure the temperature in the room is comfortable so you aren’t sweating into the sheets or waking up freezing.
  • Get rid of the television and other distractions that interfere with high quality sleep.
  • Make sure all bedding is comfortable, clean, and appropriate to the climate and season.
  • Wear comfortable night attire that doesn’t pull or tighten on the body when you move around.

You are basically eliminating anything that could possibly wake you up and ruin a perfectly good night of sleep along with things that could make you feel uncomfortable and unable to fall asleep.

Selecting Your Bed & Pillows

The bed that you are resting your body on and the pillows that you lay your head into are just as important as the environment set up for sleeping.

There is nothing like sinking down into a pillow top mattress that is firm enough to support the body yet soft and comforting, or like snuggling your head into a pillow that is plush and soft yet supportive enough to keep the head and neck comfortable.

For most people, memory foam mattresses are going to deliver this type of comfort and support. There are memory foam beds put out by every major mattress manufacturer as well as high quality memory foam toppers and pads for those who can’t afford to completely replace an older bed. You can also find high quality memory foam pillows designed to comfort and support.

Even better than memory foam is latex foam, but you will have to pay a bit more to bring home a bed with a solid latex core. You can of course find latex toppers and pads to transform an older mattress overnight.

So remember- do whatever you can to increase the quality of your sleep, and watch as every other aspect of your life improve right along with it.

Happy Sleeping!!


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